Sharing culinary secrets! How to cook frozen cauliflower deliciously in a skillet?

Sharing culinary secrets! How to cook frozen cauliflower deliciously in a skillet?

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Probably everyone is partial to delicate and tasty cauliflower. This frozen vegetable can be cooked in a pan very easily and quickly, in just a few minutes. Such a dish will not only be tasty and aromatic, but also healthy.

In addition, you can always diversify it with all sorts of additions that will add zest to the whole dish and make the taste unforgettable. In our article, you will learn all the secrets of cooking this healthy vegetable, how and with what to combine it and how to make dishes from it tasty and colorful. You can also watch a useful video on this topic.

The benefits and harms of frozen vegetables

Attention: Cauliflower, whether fresh or properly frozen, has a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and, no less important, retains all its beneficial properties in any type of processing, having a positive effect on the human body, saturating it with everything it needs.

The correct type of freezing is the so-called "shock" freezing, in which the products do not lose their properties, therefore, when choosing frozen cauliflower, it is important to pay attention to the presence of a corresponding sign on the packaging.

Fried cauliflower contains the following vitamins and minerals:

  • vitamins of three groups at once: A, B, C;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • fluorine.

Thus, including cauliflower and dishes from this vegetable in your menu, a person increases immunity, health of bones and teeth... Eliminates the lack of vitamins, especially vitamin C and helps the intestines get rid of toxins and toxins.

This product should be used with caution in case of enterocolitis and intestinal irritation, gout, thyroid problems, after recent surgeries, in case of allergies or individual intolerance to this product.

Energy value:

  1. Caloric content - 120 kcal.
  2. Protein - 3 gr.
  3. Fat - 10 gr.
  4. Carbohydrates - 6 gr.

Differences in cooking from fresh head of cabbage

The main difference in making frozen cauliflower is that it doesn't need to be boiled first. in salted water for a few minutes as is the case with fresh water. It also should not be thawed - all the necessary portion of the frozen vegetable should be immediately placed in a frying pan preheated with oil and the cabbage should be melted, periodically stirring it.

Another difference in comparison with a fresh product is that frozen cabbage, as a rule, does not need to be divided and chopped, since it is usually frozen in a form already disassembled into small inflorescences, which is quite convenient and saves time in the kitchen.

How to fry deliciously?

Such cabbage cooks in a pan very quickly and turns out to be juicy, aromatic and nutritious.

Required Ingredients:

  • A standard package of frozen cauliflower or any required amount of frozen food.
  • Hot water or broth - half a glass or a little more.
  • Vegetable or olive oil - a teaspoon.
  • Salt, spices to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Without defrosting, pour out a portion of the frozen color. cabbage in a hot skillet with a little heated oil.
  2. Make sure that the cabbage melts, this usually takes 5-7 minutes, depending on the amount, while the vegetables need to be stirred from time to time. Add a little oil if necessary.
  3. After the cabbage has thawed and all the ice has disappeared, add half a glass of hot water or broth, as well as salt and spices. Mix everything and cover.
  4. Cook in this way over medium heat for 10-15 minutes until tender.

How else can you cook?

The basic recipe for frozen cauliflower can be supplemented with various variations by adding certain ingredients. For example, you can add eggs and green onions, squash, and even beans.

In egg batter

To prepare frozen cauliflower in batter, you need to mix three beaten eggs, a glass of sour cream, a little flour and spicy salt. In this mixture, which is a batter, dip the cabbage slightly thawed in a pan and again continue to fry it with a little oil (you can learn more about frying cauliflower here). Do not pour water or broth into the dish.

Another option for cooking in batter is to roll the vegetable in breadcrumbs (you can learn more about the recipe for cauliflower fried in a pan in breadcrumbs in this article).

Advice: To give the dish a richer taste, you can add finely chopped onion before stewing, after frying it with oil.

With eggs

Frozen cauliflower with egg makes a great breakfast, especially since the whole cooking will take a few minutes. First of all, the frozen vegetable must be thawed in a skillet (7-10 minutes). When the cabbage is thawed and slightly fried until a light golden crust, you need to break 2 eggs into it and, stirring constantly, prepare the dish until the egg mass turns into omelet pieces.

The finished dish can be sprinkled with fresh finely chopped herbs and served.
You can find out more about cauliflower with egg fried in a pan here.
We recommend watching a video about frying frozen cauliflower with eggs:

With zucchini

Adding zucchini to cabbage will make an excellent side dishwhich prepares like this:

  1. Heat oil in a deep container, put finely grated carrots and onions, also finely chopped.
  2. Fry the onions and carrots until golden brown and add the frozen color. cabbage, then chopped medium zucchini.
  3. After stirring, cover with a lid.
  4. When everything is ready - add salt and seasonings, mix everything again.
  5. Add sour cream or mayonnaise.
  6. After a couple of minutes, turn off the heat and let the dish stand and soak.
  7. If desired, you can add a beaten egg to the sour cream a couple of minutes before cooking.

With green beans

Stewed cabbage with beans, you can indulge yourself in a hearty dietary stew, which is suitable for those who follow the figure. In addition, this dish is useful for vegetarians and simply lovers of vegetables.

Send frozen beans to a hot frying pan to frozen cabbage, if necessary - pour in a little water, after 10 minutes add tomatoes, spices, salt and simmer until tender. Pour chopped fresh herbs after turning off the heat.

Feeding options

This dish has an excellent rich taste both hot and cold. Fresh or dried herbs, tomatoes and garlic will add spice, and the creamy milk sauce will add a special delicate aftertaste. You can sprinkle the finished cabbage with grated cheese, and put a boiled cut egg with a drop of mayonnaise on a plate. Fish, chicken, cutlets or meatballs would be a good combination.


Cooking frozen cauliflower in a pan will not take much time, but it will delight you with an excellent aroma and saturate the whole body with useful substances, strengthening health and giving a good mood, because the use of cauliflower, among other things, reduces the likelihood of depression.

Watch the video: Roasted Frozen Cauliflower Florets (August 2022).