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Work of the fruit and vegetable month April

Work of the fruit and vegetable month April

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Speaking of work in the field of fruit and vegetables, we start by analyzing what are the operations to be carried out with regard to the vegetable garden. In the garden it is time to work the land, breaking the clods and adding sand, where it is needed, and organic manure; in seedbeds, to avoid that the possibility of late frosts can ruin the work, it is time to prepare the head salads, the onions, the celery, the basil and the cabbage caps, while many seedlings must already be planted: Cavoli, Aubergines, Peppers, Tomatoes, but waiting for the second half of the month. We begin to sow in the open ground: Basil, Chard, Carrots, Cucumbers, Chicory, Endives, Beans, Green Beans, Lettuce, Melons, Parsley, Rocket, Scorzobianca, Spinach, Valerian, Pumpkins, Courgettes. Also in this case, in garden centers and in DIY stores, we will find many vegetable plants already ready to be planted, so be careful to choose them vigorous and firm.The mild temperatures favor the development of many pests, which we had managed to forget during the winter; let's get ready to face them in the best way, also wanting through preventive treatments, to do on the whole garden: we always remember that the treatments with insecticides are to be avoided during the blooms because they are harmful also for the pollinating insects, besides all the treatments can be harmful for the first tender shoots of plants, as well as for humans and animals, so to practice them we choose little windy days, to avoid spreading chemicals for the whole neighborhood.Work of the month fruit and vegetable April: Biological struggle

We can also consider setting aside chemical treatments and preparing an organic vegetable garden and garden, in this case let us know in depth, since there are many products that can be used in organic farming, as they are not harmful to humans, animals and animals. for useful insects: we can intervene with sulfur and Bordeaux mixture against mushrooms, with propolis macerated or with Marseille soap against insects, and we can also use pheromone traps, the bacillus thuringensis, or implement the presence of useful insects, such as ladybugs, for example, that help us defend our garden against aphids. Let us also remember that in organic farming we must be guided by the principle of using pest control methods only in case of real need, therefore we avoid preventive treatments, practicing only specific and targeted interventions.