March 2012

March 2012

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From 03/03 to 11/03 Pordenone

Ortogiardino: Exhibition of floriculture, nursery, horticulture equipment for parks and gardens
The appointment with the Ortogiardino fair is a great party dedicated to the upcoming spring, which every year attracts a very numerous and enthusiastic public at the Pordenone Fair. The event is considered the event par excellence of floriculture aimed at all lovers of plants and flowers.
The colorful internal and external path of Ortogiardino is set up with original ideas, the vegetable scenes transform the pavilions of the Pordenone Fair into parks, woods, flowered tropical forests, large green spaces in which original tree-like shapes come to life, like sculptures or elegant and rigorous English style compositions.
In addition to plants, flowers, bulbs and seeds, Ortogiardino also deals with equipment and furnishings for parks, gardens and terraces in wrought iron, stone and wood. Over 300 exhibitors and a total number of visits of around 60,000 people, with a strong presence of visitors from neighboring Slovenia and Croatia, have almost 40,000 square meters invaded by colors, scents and wonders of nature.
In conjunction with the visit to Ortogiardino, the guests of the Pordenone Fair can walk in the flowery avenues of the "Spring Village", the space that hosts the parallel edition of "Pordenoneorchidea". Furthermore, this year, the Pordenone Fiera organization has chosen to add another exhibition to the Floriculture Exhibition for nature lovers: Verde / Blu Fair, Inflatable Boat Show, Minor Boating, Camping, Camper, Caravanning, a rich Exhibition Market focused on en plein air tourism. The parallel appointment with Il Giardino delle Meraviglie, a furnishing salon for terraces and gardens, also returns.
Opening time
14.30 - 19.30 (weekdays)
09.30 - 19.30 (holidays)
Organization Organization
Viale Treviso, 1
33170 Pordenone (PN)
For information
Tel. 0434 232111
Fax 0434 570415
[email protected]

From Friday 9 March 2012 to Sunday 18 March 2012, Busto Arsizio (Va)

Living Garden - Acasa 2012: furnishing salon and home ideas
Acasa is an event dedicated to the furnishing sector and more generally to the home. An event that keeps its ability to attract thousands of visitors interested in knowing how much new the market offers in terms of trends, materials and technologies. There are many new features for the 2012 edition, starting with the layout of the event that has had considerable success in the 2011 edition, which remains faithful to the commitment made to its public: interpreting the evolution of the sector and responding to new trends market and the varied interests of visitors and professionals.
Acasa presents itself as an innovative, dynamic and rich in collateral events, divided into numerous thematic areas that characterize the change.
Acasa 2012 confirms to be a reference event, a quality event for an audience of over 20,000 visitors, as well as an important opportunity to meet to increase business and engage directly with the public.
2 weekends full of appointments to optimize contact times, to capture more the attention of an increasingly attentive public, who asks for advice and suggestions and who wants to "touch" the product.

From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th March 2012, Villa Lodi da Fи

Giardini d'Autore leaves the green imprint of his thumb at Villa Lodi Fи.
The long-awaited spring edition of the floriculture exhibition dedicated to garden lovers is back. Nurserymen from all over Italy color the weekend in Riccione with unique botanical collections.
Entering the beautiful garden of Villa Lodi Fи you can come across citrus and fruit trees; get lost among the scents of aromatic plants, ancient and modern roses; observe the color of orchids, camellias, peonies, hellebores and azaleas in bloom and it will be difficult not to be tempted by aphrodisiac plants or to be fascinated by the tenacity of climbing plants. It is advisable to look at but do not touch the pungent succulents.
During the three days of the event, visitors will have the opportunity to buy plants, bulbs and seeds directly from the best Italian nurseries to try their hand at creating real author gardens.
As every year, professionals and will not be able to share their passion for green and quality artistic craftsmanship, in an environment full of stimuli to furnish the house and garden with originality.
In the spring, the Green Carpet project blossoms cyclically, a space dedicated to design and furnishings in which to discover the latest outdoor trends. Young designers will be free to give vent to their creativity to color Riccione with ideas related to "green living".
During the three days of the event, courses will be organized for small and large gardeners, such as the floral composition workshop, to give space to imagination and craftsmanship.
The floriculture exhibition also becomes a splendid opportunity to discover the area thanks to the weekend ideas proposed by the Costa Hotels Riccione Consortium.
The exhibition remains open on Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March with open hours from 9.30am to 6.30pm. The entrance fee is 4 euros. Free entry for children under 16 years.
For information //

From March 23, Lake Maggiore

Great "Spring Festival" in the
Domini Borromeo on Lake Maggiore
On March 23, the gardens of the three Domini Borromeo reopen on Lake Maggiore, Isola Madre, Isola Bella and Rocca di Angera, closed since last October to guarantee plant rest and extraordinary maintenance work.
The doors open again with "Spring Festival" which will last a whole week.
From March 23rd to 28th, the celebrated gardens will be the stars of the Festival, with glowing spring flowers.
The colors of the thousands of tulip bulbs that the gardeners of Casa Borromeo have set aside last fall will explode to color the Renaissance gardens of Isola Bella and the romantic gardens of Isola Madre with infinite nuances. While the medieval gardens of the Rocca di Angera, will be colored not by tulips that in medieval times at our latitudes did not yet exist, but by the first blooms of the compositae (daisies and giant daisies) and of the over one hundred varieties of violas that are literally colonizing the scenographic cliff, suspended on the blue of the Lake, where the Rocca and its magical lookout rise.
With tulips and flowers of ancient memory, the protagonists will be the arboreal azaleas and rhododendrons, ubiquitous on Isola Madre, in very different varieties that here have found the ideal habitat and that cover the spaces with corollas, wherever they look. While the large bushes of lilac and the first perfumed wisteria will make the air full of wonderful essences. Joining the camellias, then giving way to roses, queens of Isola Bella but present in rich varieties in all three gardens of the Paradis of the Borromeo.
Painted flowers will join the real flowers. The famous Borromeo Picture Gallery set up in the Palazzo dei Principi on Isola Bella will present, in fact, in a special display, his many works, often authentic masterpieces, with a floral theme.
Furthermore, for the entire "Spring Festival", the kiosks present in all three Gardens will offer herbal teas and flowers, completing this singular triumph of the senses with taste.
For the Spring Festival, there is a cumulative ticket (valid for the two Islands, with their Palaces and gardens, including the Picture Gallery and the Berthier Wing, and for the garden and the Rocca di Angera) at a special price of 21 , 50. For Spring to be a feast for all.
For information: (+39) 0323 30556.

23-25 ​​March 2012, Gorizia

Market Exhibition dedicated to the garden, to the vegetable garden
to urban greenery, ecology, living outdoors
from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 March 2012
Gorizia Exhibition Center
time: 10 am to 8 pm
Pollice Verde promoted and organized by Udine and Gorizia Fiere Spa, returns to the renovated Exhibition Center
of Gorizia after the restructuring works sustained thanks to the precious contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of
We invite exhibitors who participated in the 2010 edition of the Exhibition Center to report any eventuality
request to maintain the same stand position in the attached Application for Participation by 11 January
p.v…, after that date, and if the stand is no longer available, we will send you anyway
alternative solutions.
We also inform you that in consideration of the success obtained last spring in Piazza Vittoria of the event
Green Thumb "Open Air", for those who will confirm their participation in the renewed Neighborhood
Trade Fair of Gorizia will be offered the possibility to exhibit also in one of the squares of the city center during the weekend
In this regard, we ask you to notify us of your possible interest even on the second weekend
planned in the city center by 20/01/2012 by ticking the box on the attached pre-accession form.
Hoping to meet you soon in Gorizia, we are available for any need to contact details
they follow.
We are pleased to welcome you on this occasion.
Marketing Office references:
Kim Mauro tel. 0432 495 624 [email protected]
Laura Del Degan tel. 0432 495 602 [email protected]

From 28 March 2012, Locarno

Locarno Camelie, the most important European exhibition dedicated to the Camellia, returns from 28 March 2012 with hundreds of varieties exhibited in the Camellia Park in Locarno.
The magic is renewed for the 15th edition of an increasingly popular and important exhibition The magic is renewed: from March 28 to April 1, 2012 Locarno returns to be the queen of the camellias. For the fifteenth consecutive year, the famous Swiss town on Lake Maggiore is home to "Locarno Camelie", one of the world's largest exhibitions dedicated to camellia: an exhibition that attracts specialists and enthusiasts from all over the world and that last year exceeded for the first time the threshold of 10,000 visitors coming especially from Switzerland and Italy. Locarno is by far the Swiss region where the passion for camellia has found the most fertile soil for over 100 years. Favored by a mild and sunny climate, the town on Lake Maggiore hosts numerous plants of subtropical origins in its public and private gardens. Among these, the camellia, present in large numbers, has achieved a very significant place. The headquarters of the Swiss Camellia Society, Locarno hosted the World Congress of the International Camellia Society (ICS) in 2005 and on that occasion it was equipped with a Camellia Park which was gradually expanded to become the largest of its kind in Europe. The structure covers an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters and welcomes a thousand varieties of plants, planted between ponds and romantic gravel-covered paths. The structure has become an attraction for enthusiasts from all over the world and was included last year in the prestigious and exclusive list of "Garden of Excellence" set up by the International Camelia Society, the highest global instance in terms of camellias. Beautifully located by the lake, the Camellia Park gives its best during the "Locarno Camelie" period, and could therefore only become the natural venue for the event. The Locarno event is distinguished by similar manifestations for its size, the wide variety of plants and flowers on display, the extreme care taken in the arrangements, the profusion of floral decorations and the possibility offered to the visitor to admire on the spot hundreds of cut flowers together with a large number of flowering plants in the natural context of a park. As always, the focus of the event is the scientific exhibition, set up in the large pavilion built at the entrance to the park.
Tourist info For more information call the Lago Maggiore Tourist Office +41 91 791 00 91.

30 March - 1 April 2012, Padua

Garden Design + Art +
The Triveneto Section of Emilia Romagna AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture) in collaboration with PadovaFiere S.p.a. and the panGEA Associate Studio of Padua announce the 3rd edition of the GIARDINI & giardini ideas competition for 2012
• The Competition is open to all AIAPP Members, Adherents or Student Members, and to non-registered professionals and students, who will also submit the application for registration to AIAPP as ADIENT AIAPP upon registration for the competition.
• The designers will have to participate in partnership with a company that, where selected in the competition, will create the selected garden.
• A technical-artistic Jury will select the 12 projects that will be subsequently implemented by the participating companies in partnership with the designers.
• The gardens must have an estimated cost of max. 000 6,000.00: the calculation will be displayed on an information panel specially prepared for each realization, containing the description of the project, as well as the presentation of the designer and of the building company.
• The 3 (three) best projects selected by the Jury will receive a prize of € 700.00 each, made available by the ROTARY CLUB PADOVA and PADOVAFIERE SPA.
• During the event, the public will vote for the best garden among those made and exhibited. On the basis of the aforementioned vote, an identification plaque will be assigned to the most voted company among those participating.
• The “Quality Award” plate will be assigned by the technical Jury to the company that will have carried out the project with more accuracy.
• The winning project will be published in the "Architettura del Paesaggio" magazine in the events section.

30 March to 1 April 2012, Lucca

The 5th edition of VerdeMura ( will take place on the 16th century Walls of Lucca from March 30th to April 1st 2012. VerdeMura is a Fair of the Green and of Living in the open air, organized by the Opera delle Mura di Lucca ( which in 2011 saw over 15,000 visitors and over 200 exhibitors. VerdeMura takes place in a spectacular location, the Baluardo San Martino with its basements and its terraces, in a period of the season that is excellent for purchases of the Green and Garden furniture. The product sectors that are present in VerdeMura are: 1. collections of plants and little-known flowers, unusual, curious, rare, seeds and bulbs; 2. unprocessed fruit and vegetable products; 3. products for floriculture; 4. equipment and machinery for gardening and agriculture; 5. garden furniture; 6. specialized publishing; 7. traditional handicraft products (terracotta vases, baskets and broomsticks, wrought iron products, fabrics); 8. typical agricultural and breeding products (honey and jams, oil, chestnuts, cold cuts and cheeses); 9. clothing from c a m p to gn and gardening. The exhibition is also open to the participation of Associations, Institutions, Schools, Universities and Entities exclusively from the Green Sector or who present work on the agricultural sector. A NON-COMMERCIAL section of the exhibition is open, by invitation and free, to plant and flower lovers.