Apartment plants

Works of the June apartment month

Works of the June apartment month

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Works of the June apartment month

If we have the possibility, in June, our houseplants are already all on the terrace, including succulents and bonsai: a greater brightness and a better air exchange are often a panacea, even for suffering plants. Under these conditions it is likely that our beloved plants need more watering, accompanied periodically, about every 15-20 days, by the right fertilizer. For the most delicate specimens, such as bromeliads or orchids, in June, we choose a semi-shaded place, which is never hit by direct sunlight: for this purpose we can carry out work to provide a corner of the terrace with shading nets, easy to find on the market and also quite cheap. The shading nets will also act as hail protection during dangerous and violent summer storms.

June apartment plants

It is essential to intervene with targeted work on their apartment plants, carefully evaluating their needs in relation to the species to which they belong. If your plants are fat you will need to follow some tricks to prevent them from having problems.
Most cacti and succulents love sunny positions, but if they were placed in a dim place at home, it is a good idea to place them outside by gradually getting them into the direct sun, so as to avoid burns; succulent plants generally have a period of vegetative rest in winter; with the arrival of heat we should intensify watering, always waiting for the soil to be dry, and periodically add water to a specific fertilizer for succulent plants.


In many cities in recent years the practice of embellishing balconies, terraces or even simple window sills is being promoted, even with sweepstakes; anyone who has been in South Tyrol during the summer months cannot fail to have seen the cascades of red geraniums that can be seen at every windowsill. Even without aiming at so much each of us can easily get a flowery terrace, also because generally the plants used for this purpose require little care and also bear some "distraction".
Certainly the king of the balcony has always been the geranium, whether it is zonal or ivy, red or rosy, gives us a constant and continuous flowering, with intense and brilliant colors; in recent years the use of imperial geraniums, sometimes called leopoldi, and of fragrant or variegated leaf geraniums is being rediscovered: many varieties can be found in almost all garden centers, generally suitable for use as individual specimens.
Many other plants can be used on the terrace: surfinie, petunias, torenie, lobelie, bacopa or verbene; they prefer sunny positions, they can develop without problems even in not very large pots and require only some watering and periodic fertilizations.

Apartment plants care

Whatever the variety of plants you decide to grow at home, it is always essential to know their needs thoroughly, to avoid intervening with incorrect practices that could lead to serious problems.
In summer it is easier for tree species to be affected by pests and diseases, which must be tackled in a timely manner to prevent them from causing serious damage.
In the market there are specific antiparasitic products that can be vaporized on the plant even for preventive purposes, but it is important not to exceed the dose because the product, due to its toxicity, could lead to problems with the plant.