Amazing plant growing upside down. How to plant tomatoes upside down?

Amazing plant growing upside down. How to plant tomatoes upside down?

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Growing tomatoes upside down is an original method for getting a good harvest. Growing plants upside down, that is, upside down, is the original method for getting a good harvest.

At the same time, collecting it becomes much easier and more enjoyable. It's also a great way to decorate your summer cottage.

You will learn about the rules for growing tomatoes upside down and caring for them in this article. We will also tell you about the most common mistakes and what results to expect.

Description of the essence of the method

No beds are required for this growing method., which means that it will make it possible to save a significant part of the site. This is especially important for those who have a small summer cottage, and really want to eat their tomatoes.

Growing by weight can yield much higher yields than conventional growing tomatoes. This greatly facilitates the collection of fruits, since you do not have to bend over for each tomato.

It is also worth noting the decorativeness of this method. Tomatoes planted upside down will be an excellent decoration for a summer cottage. At the same time, landing does not require special manipulations - seedlings are placed in a pot, covered with earth and watered.

Horticultural scientists have carried out many experiments, which have proven that this method gives high yields. This is because with such a cultivation, the roots receive more light and heat, more complete watering, and the shoots, in turn, are given more space. Also, there is no excess pressure on the plant and it becomes stronger. All this contributes to the good condition of the plant, on which the yield depends.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many gardeners strive not only to grow crops and get a harvest, but also to give a decorative look to their site. By choosing varieties of tomatoes of a bright red or orange hue and planting them upside down, you can achieve the decorative effect of your site.

Besides highlight a number of other advantages of this growing method:

  • there is no need for land space, and this makes it possible to have a crop even where it is not possible to set up a garden;
  • use of additional, unused space;
  • the possibility of growing on balconies and loggias;
  • the opportunity to get a harvest at any time of the year;
  • no need for plant supports;
  • no need to hilling and weed control;
  • pinching is not carried out;
  • ease of harvesting, just reach out and the fruit from you.

To all the advantages are added disadvantages. There are much fewer of them, but they are still there:

  • more frequent watering is needed;
  • strong susceptibility to frost, like other potted plants.



Its volume should not be less than five liters. This can be a plastic bucket, pot, or water bottles.

When choosing a container, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. It should be food grade plastic or food containers. The bucket must have a lid. If the container is without a lid, then in order to prevent the soil from spilling out, it is necessary to build a frame that will prevent this. Same five-liter water bottles are perfect as containers... You can also buy special kits for growing in this way in specialized stores.


It is worth very carefully choosing seeds for planting tomatoes, because the harvest depends on their quality. They must be large enough and free from any damage such as stains or discoloration. They must be disinfected before planting. To do this, they are soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes. After that, they are kept in a growth stimulator for 10-12 hours. Thanks to this procedure, seed germination will increase. Read more about processing tomato seeds before sowing them here.

The soil

An important component is soil... Its preparation must be approached very carefully and seriously. There are two options here:

  1. Purchase of ready-made soil in a special store. At the same time, tomatoes grown in such soil do not need additional feeding.
  2. Making the land mixture yourself.

When preparing the mixture yourself, remember that you can't take land from the garden.

The soil mixture must be combined from:

  • one part of the compost;
  • one part of humus;
  • one part of peat.

Add one tablespoon of superphosphate and ammonium nitrate to one bucket of the prepared mixture.

Features of growing upside down

The time of sowing seeds for seedlings is no different from ordinary tomatoes. Growing tomato seedlings takes place according to conventional technology., and pulling seedlings will be beneficial.

The secret of such cultivation is a well-developed root system.

With this growing method, a deep planting is required. The stem of a tomato has the property of growing roots over its entire surface. This increases the feeding area. This is what we need. At a plant height of 30-40 cm, it is deepened as much as possible, leaving 10-15 cm on the surface. The leaves must be removed.

To speed up the process, transshipment is carried out into a container deeperbut not wide. After it is carried out, the soil mixture is poured. In this case, the plant has time to grow a large number of roots for transplantation.

You can't rush to change trains. It is carried out when the earthen lump completely "covers" the ground.

Planting tomato seedlings

After disinfection, the seeds need to germinateto get seedlings for planting upside down.

  1. To begin with, the seeds are placed in a small container and covered with damp gauze.
  2. Then they are kept in a warm place for 3-4 days. After this time, small roots will appear.
  3. Then the germinated seeds are planted in small containers up to 200 ml.
  4. Seeds are placed 2 cm apart at a depth of 1-1.5 cm.
  5. Before sowing, the soil must be moistened.
  6. After sowing, cover the containers with seeds with glass or foil and store in this state at a temperature of + 25 ... + 30 degrees until germination.

Then the resulting seedlings are planted upside down in the following sequence:

  1. Make a hole at the bottom of the container. It should be large enough to easily plant the seedlings.
  2. Place the container on the bottom, close the hole made with foil or paper and cover with soil.
  3. Close the container with a lid and turn it over.
  4. Make a hole in the foil and plant seedlings in it.
  5. We are waiting for 3-4 weeks for the plant to take root and show clear signs of growth. Only then should the container be turned over and suspended.

Supports for the air garden

The main requirements for supports are strength and stability.... For support, you can drive the hooks into the wall or into the fence. You can use the branches of large trees. Another option is to hammer in wooden beams or make an arch yourself.

To make an arch, you need to take:

  • pipe with a diameter of 30 mm;
  • rod with a diameter of 6 mm and 10 mm;
  • tape measure, pipe bender, hacksaw, hammer and wire cutters;
  • welding machine.

Manufactured according to this plan:

  1. Cut off 4 identical pipe bushes.
  2. Bend a 10 mm rod into an arc (make two such arcs).
  3. Weld 6 mm rods together.
  4. Dig pipe supports into the ground and reinforce.
  5. Connect the supports to the arches.
  6. Paint the structure.

Same a pergola is suitable as a support for such tomatoes... It is an open veranda, part of the openings of which is filled with bars and bars. It's not difficult to build it:

  1. Make a wooden frame from a strong bar.
  2. Fill the top of the frame with a thin lattice or beams.

Another option is a pyramid stand.

You can make it like this:

  1. Take 4 supporting parts (fittings, wooden blocks, pipes).
  2. Dig the lower pieces into the ground with a square.
  3. Connect the tops together.

Care and watering

Another plus in such cultivation is that there is no need for special care and there is no weed formation.

The containers are constantly heated and, accordingly, the soil dries out. This is what should be monitored very carefully.

  1. Watering should be done often enough, so do not place the plants very high. Cover the top with mulch for easier watering.
  2. If you arrange containers with tomatoes in a row, then you can use drip irrigation. It will help to constantly maintain the necessary soil moisture.
  3. Watering must be carried out every day with settled or rainwater.

Top dressing

Top dressing is applied depending on the phase of development... For the splendor of the bush, fertilize with infusion of mullein, which is bred in water.

For the flowering phase, the following fertilizer is needed: 1 tablespoon of superphosphate and 2 tablespoons of wood ash per 10 liters of liquid. One plant needs 2 liters of such fertilizer.

At the time of active ripening, fertilize with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of nitrophoska and 1 tablespoon of sodium humate per 10 liters of water.

Treatment against pests and diseases

Before planting tomatoes, it is necessary to treat the soil from fungus and insect pests... This processing does not need to be done often. One time is enough.

What result should be expected?

If you follow all the rules for growing tomatoes upside down, you will certainly get an excellent result. And they will get a harvest of tasty, aromatic and healthy tomatoes. And also as a bonus - a beautiful design for your site.

Common mistakes

  • Lack of lighting.
  • Weak supports for plant containers.
  • Incorrectly chosen cultivar for cultivation.
  • Using acidic soil for planting.
  • Excessive and incorrect feeding.
  • Non-compliance with watering.

We offer you to watch an informative video about mistakes when planting a tomato upside down:

Tired of looking after your tomatoes in the open field, you don't have enough space on the growing area? It is worth trying to grow tomatoes upside down, and you already know how to plant tomatoes in this form from the article. This the method can be easily mastered even by a beginner... The result is an excellent harvest and a beautiful design for your site.

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