Melissa for men: harm or benefit? The truth about the medicinal plant

Melissa for men: harm or benefit? The truth about the medicinal plant

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A plant like lemon balm has long acquired the title of a medicinal culture. Lemon balm has been used as a medicine for more than two thousand years, and is also used in folk medicine. The key benefit of lemon balm for men lies in its ability to eliminate anxiety and depression.

It is worth noting that such a medicine, in terms of its medicinal properties, is universal, relieving from many diseases, but it also has its own contraindications. So, why is lemon balm useful and harmful, is it possible to drink tea from it and how does it affect male potency?

Benefits, composition and indications for use

Melissa is used for neuroses and depression that cause erectile dysfunction over time, therefore, treatment with lemon balm may well complement general therapeutic measures for patients with such disease.

Lemon balm herb contains phytoandrogens, that is, plant analogues of male sex hormones. If a person suffers from too much sexual arousal, then lemon balm is what he needs. In this case, there is no effect on potency.

Lemon balm contains the following vitamins:

  • PP - 1.78 mg;
  • PP - 0.95 mg;
  • B9 - 105 mcg;
  • B6 - 0.16 mg;
  • B1 - 0.08 mg;
  • B2 - 0.18 mg;
  • C - 13.3 mg;
  • A - 203 mcg.


  • zinc - 1.09 mg;
  • copper - 0.24 mcg;
  • manganese - 1.12 mg;
  • sodium - 30 mg;
  • magnesium - 63 mg;
  • iron - 11.87 mg;
  • phosphorus - 60 mg;
  • calcium - 199 mg;
  • potassium - 458 mg.

Lemon balm herb improves brain function, calms the nervous system. Melissa helps with problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Lemon balm infusion is used to treat heart disease, atherosclerosis, anemia, migraine, and dysfunctions of the genital organs. The plant has a diuretic effect, helps to remove excess fluid, reduce edema.

Indications for the use of lemon balm:

  1. neurosis, nervous excitement;
  2. insomnia;
  3. dysfunction of erection;
  4. cardiopsychoneurosis.

Contraindications and harm

You should not use lemon balm for people who:

  • suffer from hypotension;
  • have individual intolerance;
  • have an allergic reaction to the plant, its components;
  • are going to get behind the wheel.

If the central nervous system of a person is too calm or the body is too susceptible to drugs, then lemon balm can have a hypnotic effect on the body. Medicines based on lemon balm are able to enhance simultaneously taking medications, especially if they are of a sedative type. That is why experts advise taking lemon balm exclusively as directed by a doctor.

The intake of lemon balm can be harmful to the human body in case of individual intolerance. component. If there is such a possibility, then a test must be carried out before direct use. This test involves taking a small dose of medication.


For health benefits, men can drink tea based on this plant only two or three cups a week, since there are certain restrictions if you are simultaneously treated with other medications (in this case, lemon balm can simply reduce the effectiveness of any other drug, bringing this harm).


Melissa is recommended for men to take in the following cases.

To improve potency

Lemon balm tea can regulate the excitability of any person, as well as stabilize sleep and simply calm the nervous system. Treatment of the genitourinary system is carried out due to the diuretic properties.

The chemical elements of this drug are able to relax the muscle corset of the human body.

The classic method of brewing lemon balm: a tablespoon of dry herb is poured with a glass of boiling water, insisted for 10-15 minutes. You can add a teaspoon of honey and a slice of lemon.

For patients with erectile dysfunction

For the reason that the nervous system fails on a regular basis, the so-called erectile function may be impaired. In such cases, the use of this drug will be more useful than ever. Use regular tea 2-3 times a week.

From unpleasant foot odor

Melissa is a rather versatile herb, as it can eliminate even the unwanted odor on your feet. The grass is poured into socks, and then they are put on the legs, which must be steamed prematurely. This method will help get rid of excessive sweating and unpleasant odors.

A plant of this type has useful properties for every person to one degree or another, but you need to pay attention to contraindications, because the most important thing is to use it correctly.

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