Is it possible to plant carrots before winter? What varieties are sown and how to carry out the procedure correctly?

Is it possible to plant carrots before winter? What varieties are sown and how to carry out the procedure correctly?

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Carrots are an irreplaceable product on our table; many dishes cannot be prepared without them. It is easier to buy vegetables at a store or market.

But as a root crop, independently grown on your site, you can be completely sure. Their roots are distinguished by their freshness and taste, as they are grown by the owners with love and care.

Sowing carrots in winter with proper agricultural technology will delight you with a good harvest. From the article you can find out about when to plant carrots before winter and how seeds are sown and whether all varieties are suitable.

Advantages and disadvantages

Autumn planting of root crops has several advantages:

  1. The harvest can be obtained already in June, which will be very useful - early vegetables will help fill the lack of vitamins.
  2. Sowing can be carried out slowly, because at this time the work on the ground is almost completed, and gardeners do not have the hassle that is difficult to cope with in the spring. Precious time is saved, which is so lacking at the beginning of the season.
  3. Carrot seeds sown before winter are not afraid of spring frosts - they lie under the snow all winter and get good hardening. Thus, root crops are less susceptible to various diseases. In addition, at the beginning of summer, during the active growing season of winter carrots, most pests are not yet active, therefore, there is less risk of damage to plants.
  4. Vegetables grow larger and more juicy due to the moisture that persists in the soil for a long time in spring. Root crops have time to receive more nutrients during the growing season.
  5. Seedlings of carrots sown before winter are very friendly - melt water washes away essential oils from seeds, which inhibit their germination.
  6. On the vacated plot of land after harvesting winter carrots, you can plant an additional crop.

But podzimny sowing of an orange root crop also has a number of disadvantages:

  1. The crop cannot be stored for a long time.
  2. In late spring with little moisture, seedlings will appear late.
  3. Some of the seeds do not germinate after winter.

Features of planting winter carrots, differences from another time

Sowing an orange root crop in the fall differs in many ways from its usual planting:

  • For sowing before winter, not any varieties of carrots are suitable, but more frost-resistant and capable of germinating in a friendly manner. Otherwise, there will be no seedlings at all, or most of them will freeze in winter or early spring (what determines the time of sowing carrots in spring and when it is better to plant them, read here, but about when carrot seeds are planted in open ground in spring and how to carry out the procedure , find out here). In addition, pelleted seeds will not work.
  • Before sowing, the seeds should not be soaked, otherwise the germinated seedlings will die at the very first frost, and dry ones will overwinter and begin to grow with the onset of heat.
  • It is necessary to carry out more plentiful sowing, taking into account the unfavorable weather conditions, which can bring damage to the future harvest.
  • Planting winter carrots on time. Sowing too early or too late can have unintended consequences.

    Attention! The average daily temperature should be stable from 00 up to + 20C with persistent but slight frosts. In this case, the depth of soil freezing is 5-7 cm.

  • A plot of land intended for sowing carrots in the fall should be open and lit so that the land warms up well in the spring. A strong slope of the bed is not allowed, otherwise the formed streams of melt water can wash out the seeds. The site should be protected from winds to better preserve mulch and snow on its surface.
  • Preparing the soil must be done in advance when the ground is still soft. In the garden, grooves are made with a depth of 2-3 cm with a width of 20 cm between them. It is better to cover the ground with a film before sowing in order to prevent the grooves from washing out with water and germination of weeds. Separately, in a warm room for backfilling crops, leave the soil, half mixed with peat.
  • Sow into frozen ground. The seeds are sprinkled with 1 cm of prepared earth and then additionally mulched with peat or humus. The garden bed can be insulated with spruce branches or a covering material, which must be removed in time in spring with the onset of heat, then cover the soil with a film to create a greenhouse effect.

Read more about planting time for carrots here.

When to plant in different climatic zones?

Middle lane

When sowing carrots before winter, it is necessary to take into account the climatic characteristics of each region. The region of central Russia belongs to territories with a temperate continental climate and with a pronounced seasonality. The onset of persistent cold weather in this region occurs in late October - early November. During this period, the likelihood of thaws is unlikely, which makes it the most favorable for sowing winter carrots.

Landing to a depth of at least 5 cm. The following carrot varieties are suitable for the middle region:

  • Losinoostrovskaya-13;
  • Nantes-4;
  • Incomparable;
  • Moscow winter;
  • a hybrid of Callisto.


The climatic conditions in this area are characterized by short summers and long winters. The first frosts are observed already at the beginning of autumn, which are often replaced by thaws. The final cold weather sets in at the end of October.

Planting carrots is best done in the 10th of October. What are the best varieties to plant? For sowing in Siberia, varieties are suitable:

  • Nastena is sweet;
  • Altai shortened;
  • Dayana;
  • Shantane;
  • Autumn Queen;
  • Nantes-4;
  • Vitamin-6;
  • Losinoostrovskaya-13.


The conditions, timing of planting winter carrots in this region are similar to similar events in the middle lane. Of the varieties of carrots most suitable for sowing in the fall, the following can be distinguished:

  • Nantes-4;
  • Mo;
  • Vitamin-6;
  • Incomparable;
  • Moscow winter;
  • Altai shortened.

Reference! To prevent the seeds of the root crop from freezing, it is better to mulch and cover the garden bed with spruce branches.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

Often, when growing winter carrots, problems arise:

  • Absence or a small number of shoots, weak shoots after sowing the seeds and some time has passed. This may be due to the use of old seeds. Before planting, be sure to make sure that the seeds are fresh, because their germination rate for the next year drops by half.
  • The death of seedlings is caused by improper agricultural technology when growing winter carrots - sowing directly on the snow or without taking into account the temperature regime of the air and soil, the absence of mulch and insulation in the garden. Compliance with certain conditions when preparing the soil, planting and growing winter carrots is the key to a good harvest.
  • Irregular, ugly root crop. It is caused by an excess of nitrogen in the soil. Mineral fertilizers applied to the soil must have a balanced composition.
  • Delay in seedling development. It is associated with the untimely removal of the insulation and the mulch layer from the beds, which must be removed from its surface with the onset of warm days.

Subject to the rules of agricultural technology when growing winter carrots, the result will not be long in coming, and bright, orange roots will surely delight gardeners in early summer with juiciness and an abundance of vitamins.

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