Works of the September bonsai month

Works of the September bonsai month

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September bonsai works: Bonsai

The plants that most like the sun can now be placed in a well lit and sunny place, avoiding however to leave them exposed during the few days still torrid; we can take advantage of this time of year to prune some plants, or to repot them or to apply the wire. September and October are two precious months to prepare our bonsai for the winter, providing the right hair formation and the most suitable fertilizations. If it is possible to leave some varieties outside it is good to start right now thinking about their location, preparing a possible greenhouse or a small shelter: in fact, even outdoor bonsai can need to be protected in the most rigid months of the 'year. In these weeks we can also prepare cuttings, or evaluate the possibility of taking prebonsai in nature; if we are inside a park or a protected area, remember to report to the forest rangers our intention to take a plant, even if it is small.