Nuances of propagation of royal geranium by cuttings and in other ways. Flower care before and after the procedure

Nuances of propagation of royal geranium by cuttings and in other ways. Flower care before and after the procedure

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Royal Pelargonium is a plant that requires careful care and a special approach to reproduction.

In practice, there are several options for multiplying a flower at home: cuttings, leaves or seeds.

The breeding procedure is simple, but it has nuances and process features. This article describes in detail the breeding technology of geraniums.

How to propagate a flower at home?

Next, it will be considered how and when to cut a plant, propagate it by seeds and leaves.


It is better to cut royal geraniums in late August - early September:

  1. Pruning is done after flowering, so strong and healthy cuttings can be cut during this period. If the cutting was planted at this time, it may already bloom in the spring. It is necessary to cut off the apical cuttings, about 7-10 centimeters long, leave 3-4 leaves on each, remove the remaining leaves.
  2. The place of the cut is dipped in crushed coal, after which the cuttings are dried for several hours.
  3. Individual dishes are prepared with moistened soil for a separate cuttings in order to protect all seedlings from infectious diseases.
  4. The soil must contain peat and sand. First, you can use peat tablets, after rooting, transplant the seedlings into the ground.
  5. The seedlings do not need to be covered. Cuttings are placed in moderately lit places without drafts.
  6. It is important to monitor the moisture content of the soil. One to two months after rooting, the flower is transferred with a clod of earth to a pot with nutritious soil.

Cuttings in water do not root, they can rot.

We offer you to watch a video about the propagation of Royal geranium by cuttings:


Seed propagation allows you to get a flower with a variety of colors of flowers and leaves. It is important to buy seeds from a reputable manufacturer. Pelargonium can be planted all year round if there is an additional light source. Late February - early March is considered the most favorable time for plant development.

  1. Before planting, the seeds are soaked for 2-3 hours in any solution similar to Epin or Zircon. You can buy soil for seedlings or mix regular soil with peat and sand in a 2: 1: 1 ratio. It is necessary that the soil is not heavy or too light. The soil should be disinfected: pour boiling water, a solution of phytosporin or potassium permanganate, warm it up in a microwave or oven.
  2. The land is moistened before planting. The seeds are laid out in containers or in a box at a distance of five centimeters from each other on the surface of the poured soil and lightly pressed against it.
  3. Then sprinkle with a thin layer of soil about 3-4 millimeters and spray with water from a spray bottle. Then cover with glass or foil until shoots appear. Seedlings are placed in a warm and moderately lit place.
  4. When shoots appear, the shelter is removed and the small geranium is placed on a light windowsill, but not in the south side.
  5. If pelargonium was planted in a common container, then with the appearance of a pair of true leaves, it is carefully placed in a separate bowl. The transfer is carried out with a clod of earth, without affecting the roots.

If the seeds are of good quality, the first flowers will appear in four to five months.


It is necessary to cut off or pinch off a leaf with a small piece of the stem, which should have at least 2 nodes: from one of them roots will appear, the other will become a growing point for a new plant. The cut leaf is placed in a container with water until the first roots appear.

The pot is selected in a small size and from any material with drainage holes at the bottom. In a large pot, the plant will produce new shoots, but will not be able to flower.

The soil for geraniums is selected in any flower shop. You will need loose soil for indoor plants. Florists recommend using a universal soil and saturate it with fertilizers and additional additives. River sand, vermiculite and perlite are added to the soil. The soil should not contain lumps, you should make sure that there is no mold in it.

In order for the flower to develop and grow, peat must be in the soil. Before planting a leaf, the earth is disinfected. It can be ignited in a frying pan, in a microwave oven or oven, or soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

  1. A drainage layer is laid at the bottom of the pot: brick chips, small pieces of foam or expanded clay. Next is the soil layer.
  2. After that, the soil is slightly moistened.
  3. A small depression is made and a sheet is placed there.

All actions are performed carefully and carefully so as not to damage the young roots. You do not need to cover seedlings with jars or bags.

How to save a royal geranium if its leaves turn yellow, and what to do in order to prevent it? you can find out the answer to this question on our website. Also read about how to get your royal geranium to bloom.

What problems can arise during the operation?

Royal pelargonium is a delicate flower, the following problems may arise during its reproduction:

  1. The stalk does not take root - the specificity of the geranium variety... There are types of geraniums that do not give roots. If this is the case, try rooting the cutting in the soil. Some pelargoniums take one to two months to take root.
  2. The stalk is not cut correctly... It should have at least two leaf nodes, or a heel and a leaf node with a kidney.
  3. Rotted stem... It is necessary to change the water and add activated carbon to it.
  4. The root growth site is above the water... You need to monitor the water level, you can leave one kidney above it.
  5. Insufficient soil moisture... The plant should be irrigated on time.
  6. The stalk is not planted correctly... It must be deepened, leaving a growth point on the surface. After that, the possibility of the appearance of roots will increase.
  7. Geranium seeds are too deep... It is necessary to sow the seeds again, deepen them into the soil by a maximum of 3-4 mm.
  8. Poor quality seeds... Buy and sow seeds from another manufacturer or batch.
  9. Improper care... Seedlings should not be kept under a cover or foil, the soil should be moist and loose, it should not be poured.
  10. Soil infected with black leg... Before sowing, the soil should be disinfected, the seedlings should be regularly ventilated, and the soil should be sprinkled with ash. When an infection develops, painful plants are removed, the soil is watered with a solution of potassium permanganate, and sprinkled with crushed charcoal.
  11. Lack of light... Seeds should be sown in March; early sowing requires backlighting. Keep plants on a light window, turn the other side to the window glass every day.

It is recommended to plant new geraniums in disinfected soil, to observe the order of watering.

A photo

Here you can see photos of young plants obtained as a result of reproduction.

How to care for the plant before and after the procedure?

Royal geraniums need special care. So that the work is not in vain, during the breeding season and immediately after it, a number of necessary conditions should be observed:

  • Temperature and humidity. Pelargonium requires normal room temperature, without sudden changes and drafts. Humidity is moderate, dry air negatively affects its condition.
  • Lighting. Geranium is photophilous, but cuttings and seedlings should be kept in places where there is moderate light. In the summer, it is not recommended to plant pelargonium in open ground - it can hardly tolerate such conditions.
  • Watering. The first time a new flower should be watered no earlier than ten days after planting. Then watering is done no more often than once every four to five days. It must be abundant. It is more convenient to water through the pallet: the flower will not be flooded, and the roots will receive the required amount of liquid.

    For irrigation, warm water is used so that the roots do not rot.

  • Top dressing. New geraniums are fed no earlier than a month after breeding with special or ordinary universal fertilizer.

Compliance with the rules for choosing soil, containers and further care of the flower will allow you to grow beautiful royal pelargonium. The choice of option for breeding geraniums depends on the experience, skill and desire of the grower. If everything is done correctly, it will be possible to get new young flowers for yourself or as a gift within a year of planting.

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