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Jobs of the month, succulent plants in September

Jobs of the month, succulent plants in September

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Works of the month succulents September: Succulents

Our succulents are still in bloom, we can resume with the fertilizations, which we had suspended in August. If we wish to take cuttings this is certainly a favorable moment, we can also take advantage of weeks for pruning and repotting.
Also with regard to the succulents we can begin to think of a small greenhouse, checking however to bring together species and varieties with similar climatic needs; for example many euphorbiaceae need temperatures above 15 ° C, while many succulent plants, if in the presence of dry climate, can withstand temperatures far below zero, and therefore we can leave them in a cold greenhouse for the entire winter. If we have the possibility of preserving the succulents in their ideal climate it is good to equip ourselves to do so: in fact we note how the plants grown at the right temperatures have a more harmonious development and produce a greater quantity of flowers. It seems trivial, but it is not, since most succulents are considered houseplants, to be kept at 18-20 ° C even in winter. We will have the opportunity to investigate this topic in the coming months, also publishing a sort of table of the minimum temperatures borne by the most commonly cultivated plants; as for september this problem will not occur, but it is good to begin to evaluate the space in which we will place our plants during the winter months.