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Works of the month apartment March

Works of the month apartment March

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Spring works indoor plants

Let's see together which are the houseplants that need attention with the approach of spring.
Some green plants like the log of happiness, ficus benjamin and potos begin to develop their leaves after the stasis of winter. Therefore increase the watering, the fertilizations and the administrations of invigorating products based on vitamins and amino acids. Another operation we can do is repotting. This allows our plants to better develop the root system and ensure a sufficiently large growth space to avoid possible constrictions due to an overly narrow vessel.
If the geraniums have been grown in sheltered places during the winter, now is the right time to reposition them on the balconies of our homes where sunlight will provide them with better growth. As with geraniums, even succulent plants can be exposed to the sun's rays and thus resume their growth.

March, small jobs for indoor plants

With the arrival of the month of March it is already possible to carry out the repotting of some species, this because the soil may have become impoverished during the previous months due to the cold of the winter season or the dimensions of the vessels are no longer sufficient to contain the apparatus root of our plants. Therefore after having procured a new vase with a diameter greater than a few centimeters than the one to be replaced, proceed calmly to the operation. Use universal soil, it is good for the vast majority of houseplants and during repotting you can remove a bit of soil that is on the outside of the root body, this will favor and accelerate the functions of the roots in the new pot. Remember to keep the level of the earth below a couple of centimeters from the edge of the pot, so as to avoid overflowing the earth and water during future watering.

March works: fertilizers

As the middle of March approaches and therefore the spring, you can fertilize your flowers and plants, using a universal liquid product, respecting the doses indicated on the package to be given to your plants. This particular compound will serve to rebalance the content of mineral substances essential for a good vegetative growth of our beloved crops. Starting from this month, start again with periodic fertilizations, which will continue until the autumn season approaches.

Works of the month apartment March: Exhibition and watering in spring

At this time of year, in regions with a fairly mild climate and where the temperature has already stabilized, you can take the plants cultivated so far inside our homes. In this way they will have the opportunity to receive more light and better air than they received during the winter period. As for watering, these must not be abundant but regular and in limited quantities. However, avoid water stagnation in the saucers, they could cause root rot and compromise the vegetative growth of our crops.
Spray the houseplants weekly. This operation is of fundamental importance for some plants. A constant nebulization allows for example to limit the fall of the buds of our plants.