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April 2012

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28 March 1 April 2012 Locarno (Switzerland)

Locarno Camelie, the most important European exhibition dedicated to the Camellia, returns from 28 March 2012 with hundreds of varieties exhibited in the Camellia Park in Locarno. 15th “LOCARNO CAMELIE” 28 March - 1 April2012 The magic is renewed for the 15th edition of an increasingly popular and important exhibition The magic is renewed: from 28 March to 1 April 2012 Locarno returns to be the queen of the camellias. For the fifteenth consecutive year, the famous Swiss town on Lake Maggiore is home to "Locarno Camelie", one of the world's largest exhibitions dedicated to camellia: an exhibition that attracts specialists and enthusiasts from all over the world and that last year exceeded for the first time the threshold of 10,000 visitors coming especially from Switzerland and Italy. Locarno is by far the Swiss region where the passion for camellia has found the most fertile soil for over 100 years. Favored by a mild and sunny climate, the town on Lake Maggiore hosts numerous plants of subtropical origins in its public and private gardens. Among these, the camellia, present in large numbers, has achieved a very significant place. The headquarters of the Swiss Camellia Society, Locarno hosted the World Congress of the International Camellia Society (ICS) in 2005 and on that occasion it was equipped with a Camellia Park which was gradually expanded to become the largest of its kind in Europe. The structure covers an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters and welcomes a thousand varieties of plants, planted between ponds and romantic gravel-covered paths. The structure has become an attraction for enthusiasts from all over the world and was included last year in the prestigious and exclusive list of "Garden of Excellence" set up by the International Camelia Society, the highest global instance in terms of camellias.
The flower and plant enthusiast will also find other important attractions within a few kilometers. To mention, to stay on the Swiss shores of Lake Maggiore, the wonderful Gambarogno botanical park (dedicated to camellias and magnolias, present by the hundreds) and the botanical park of the Brissago Islands, where instead you can admire a luxuriant subtropical vegetation. In collaboration with the event there will also be moments of entertainment and in particular the Concerto delle camellie, which will take place this year in the splendid Chiesa Nuova in Locarno. The appointment with chamber music is for Saturday, March 31 (admission CHF 28 .-- CHF 10.- for students). PRACTICAL INFORMATION Where and when Locarno Camelie is held at the Parco delle Camelie in Locarno (on the lakeside, in Viale Respini), from Wednesday 28 March to Sunday 1 April 2012. The exhibition will remain open at the following times: Wednesday - Sunday from 9.30 am to 9.00 pm 18:00. The Parco delle Camelie can be reached with the free FART bus service - Bus stop in front of the Federal Railway station, in front of the FART ticket office and in Via della Pace. On-site parking facilities are available.
Tourist info
For more information call the Lago Maggiore Tourist Office +41 91 791 00 91.

1 April 2012 Rovato (Brescia)

In Franciacorta starting from 1st April it will be possible to visit the gardens of Castello Quistini, among botanical collections, bioenergy and olfactory routes.
Spring has arrived and with the summer season the desire for trips and trips begins. Parks and gardens welcome the new season with the first flowers, as in Rovato in the province of Brescia, where Castello Quistini opens its doors to show the ancient palace and the beautiful gardens.
An itinerary entitled "Between roses, history and legend", which will guide you through the discovery of one of the first bio-energy gardens in Italy, at first glance a small green corner, whose design contains, however, very precise studies by eco-designer Marco Nieri concerning the influence of plants on our body; a labyrinth of roses which in its simplicity represents the history of the rose to the present day; a hortus with a small collection of medicinal and healing plants; an ancient orchard that will lead you to the discovery of fruits never before felt like the biricoccolo, a natural hybrid of plum and apricot. A trip dedicated to art and culture while strolling through splendid gardens of roses, hydrangeas, tulips, fragrances and aromas and discovering the stories and legends of this ancient palace which, like any self-respecting castle, also hides some small mysteries.
Castello Quistini has also been selected to participate in the contest "The Most Beautiful Park in Italy", national award for parks and gardens, now in its eighth edition.
You can visit all Sundays and holidays from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00 until the end of July. Complete info on the website on the "visits" page. The entrance provides a map of the gardens and rooms that can be visited for a unique journey through history and botany. The path is enriched by some mysterious objects hidden in nature. Animal figures made with recycled materials emerge from the pond water or among the rose bushes and will accompany you on this magical journey.
Quistini Castle
[email protected]
Via Sopramura 3 / A
25038 Rovato (Bs)
+39 320 8519177

1 April 2012 Merano

In these days preparations are underway for the opening of the new season at the Sissi Gardens in Merano, scheduled for Sunday 1st April, after a 2011 that has once again claimed the botanical park most popular tourist destination in South Tyrol. In the rich program of this year among the many attractions and novelties, May 24th is an unmissable event for botanical lovers, the baptism of a new variety of rose with the name 'Trauttmansdorff', the World Music Festival review and the temporary exhibition Radici, tuberi & Co., to offer visitors an extraordinary experience of nature, culture, art and entertainment. The blooms: a kaleidoscope of colors
On April 1st, visitors will be greeted by a riot of scents and colors: 230,000 bulbs bloom, an unprecedented record, including narcissus tulips and hyacinths. A unique show that will charm the view!
At the end of May the romantic flowering of irises, roses and hydrangeas will follow, in the summer you will be able to admire a bright sea of ​​sunflowers and for the first time in the water lily pond more than 100 different varieties of this plant will bloom. From August until autumn about 200 varieties of dahlias and camellias will create a truly superb scenario!
The exhibition Radici, tuberi & Co.
After the success of the "Underworld of plants", the new temporary exhibition "Roots, tuberos & Co. - The prodigious invisible world" reveals to the visitor the behaviors, the tricks, the strategies and the way in which the plants ensure their survival anchoring their roots in depth. The new exhibition also reveals some curiosities of daily life (for example recognizing the real Wasabi, which is often confused with horseradish) and surprising historical anecdotes (for example that the soldiers of Alexander the Great, thanks to the help of licorice root, could face long routes in the desert).
Further information on:

13-15 April Lastra a Signa (Florence)

"ORTI e HORTI" - Spring Fair for the Amateur Garden
which will be held on April 13-14-15, 2012 in the particular setting of Parco Vivai Belfiore, in Lastra a Signa (FI). The event, now in its fourth edition, aims to deepen and promote the culture and culture of the garden, displaying and selling collections of ancient and rare vegetable plants, local and forgotten vegetable seeds and collections of medicinal plants , aromatic and wild edible varieties, ancient grains, legumes in many varieties from many European countries, without forgetting the ancient fruits in numerous collections, always present in ancient and contemporary gardens. Producers, collectors and associations from all over Italy will bring their products on display and for sale (seedlings, seeds, educational and informative material, fresh and dried vegetables and legumes).
Cultivation and fertilization philosophies and techniques will be comprehensively treated, focusing in particular on the use and correct production methods of the compost. We will also present examples of synergistic vegetable gardens and hortus conclusus made for the occasion within the event for educational and demonstration purposes; then we will deal with the main issues concerning the biodynamic vegetable garden, the organic vegetable garden and the natural garden, highlighting the very interesting social and educational aspect that the initiative of cultivating the garden in the various areas of the community carries out: educational gardens in the schools, social gardens for the disabled and the elderly, vegetable gardens as a method of recovering abandoned and uncultivated land.
Info and Contacts:
Parco Vivai Belfiore
tel.fax 0558724166
via di Valle, loc. S. Ilario
tel. 3283847235 - tel. 3475900869
Lastra a Signa - Florence
e-mail: [email protected]

14-15 April 2012 Lonato del Garda (Brescia)

The extraordinary setting of the Visconti-Venetian Fortress of Lonato del Garda (Brescia) will host the fifth edition of “Fiori nella Rocca” on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 2012, an exhibition of rare plants.
Thanks to the idea of ​​the Brescia Garden Club the monumental complex of the Ugo Da Como Foundation will welcome the most important Italian and foreign nurserymen, passionate growers and researchers of rare essences, including the most famous producers of perennial herbs, roses, peonies, aromatic plants , medicinal and vegetable gardens, citrus fruits, pelargoniums, irises, succulents, bulbs, orchids, clematis, dahlias, aquatic and marsh plants and lavenders.
The market exhibition will also host producers of handmade terracotta and majolica pots, garden tools, outdoor furniture and accessories and publishers of specialized magazines.
In the Rocchetta district space will also be given to artistic creations, craftsmanship and the bookshop with Italian and foreign volumes dedicated to the world of the garden and gardening.
Cute animals made with marsh grass, fragrant plant decorations, painted silks, precious floral themed embroidery, old hemp fabrics, refined teas, spices, natural honeys and jams, fruits, boxes and objects covered with antique floral themed cards, cakes and biscuits will be protagonists in the large lawn in front of the Captain's House.
Finally, there will be guided visits to the Ugo Da Como House-Museum and Library, guaranteed thanks to the collaboration of the guides of the Friends of the Ugo Da Como Foundation.
The evocative visit will also allow you to admire the temporary exhibition Flowers of art ... with some artistic creations by Gherardo Frassa, who recover the futurist conception of Tin Flowers.
For more information:

24 March and 15 April Brescia

Brixia Florum: Welcome Spring!
Saturday, March 24th and Sunday, April 15th Brescia wears green to welcome Spring with two market shows and meetings open to the public
Two market exhibitions in the heart of Brescia that promise a great explosion of colors and scents to greet the awakening of nature. It is Brixia Florum, an exhibition dedicated to nursery gardening organized by: Bresciani Floricultural Association, Municipality of Brescia, Department of Productive Activities, Commerce and Territorial Marketing, in collaboration with the Central District, which will be held on Saturday March 24th in Corso Garibaldi and Sunday 15th April in Corzo Zanardelli, in the historic center of the city.
Become a regular event for all lovers and lovers of green is the right opportunity to bring home, on the terrace or in the garden, a little bit of Spring. The real protagonists will be flowers and plants with the first seasonal blooms: orchids, specimens and rarity of succulent and cacti, new varieties of geraniums, bulbs and seasonal plants and, among the particularities, splendid specimens of Nemesia, perennial plant with small flowers very colorful and fragrant.
During the two days it will be possible not only to buy the most beautiful and special varieties of the season, but also to discover small secrets and be advised by the producers, true experts of the green, who will be at the complete disposal of the public. In fact, Brixia Florum aims to raise public awareness and transmit a culture of greenery, because it is an essential component of everyday life.
Sunday 15 April in Zanardelli from 10.00 to 19.00. For more information, visit the website: or call 030 3534008/335 7708829.

20-22 April 2012 Pisa

From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 April the city of Pisa will turn into a flower garden. After the surprising success of the first two editions, Fior di Città has grown luxuriantly becoming a real festival dedicated to nature with a rich program of informative, entertaining and interactive activities.
Through a suggestive journey through the historical and artistic beauties of the city of Pisa it will be possible to know and buy plants, flowers, seeds and equipment, participate in gardening workshops, admire floral arrangements, discover the flavors of the kitchen with flowers and products from nature or be fascinated by boat cruises along the Arno river.
The main objective of the event is to promote the culture of greenery and the relationship with nature as essential elements in the development of harmonious living, enhancing the commitment offered by public bodies, scientific institutions and associations in the field of environmental protection.
For the reception of visitors, some info points will be set up along the exhibition route and a small publication will be published dedicated to the city of Pisa, the Botanical Garden and the historic houses that can be visited during the event. The restaurants in the historic center will also be involved, offering tasty floral menus offering visitors the opportunity to spend pleasant moments with the specialties of Tuscan cuisine.
The exhibition itinerary will be decorated with the floral arrangements prepared by the Garden Club of Pisa, while the Terra Uomini Ambiente Cooperative will ensure the logistics of the exhibits.
Opening time
Friday 20th April, 3.00 pm - 7.30 pm
Saturday 21 April, 9.30am - 7.30pm
Sunday 22 April, 9.30am - 7.30pm
With the participation of the associations Alipes, Garden Club, imago, Pensiamo in Verde, Orti Pisani and Vespa Club.

27-29 April 2012 Colorno (Parma)

Nel Segno del Giglio, at the end of April,
to the Palace of Colorno, despite the earthquake.
All the national media have rightly emphasized the damage that the recent earthquakes have caused to the Reggia di Colorno, in the Parma countryside. The two major earthquakes have caused upheavals that have jeopardized the stability of marble cornices and statues. Work on securing the grandiose Farnese complex has already been started by the institution that owns it, namely the Province of Parma.
The Provincial Administration announced that it would intervene on the damage suffered by a decorative apparatus composed, between statues and cups, of almost 100 marble elements, many of which weigh more than a ton of weight, which run along the whole balustrade perimeter and on the towers.
A remarkable job, therefore, which however will not in any way invalidate the announced, forthcoming nineteenth edition of "Nel segno del Giglio", the large exhibition-market of quality gardening that will be held regularly on 27, 28 and 29 April immense Park of the Palace.
Almost one hundred national exhibitors and an important group of foreign exhibitors are expected or expected to attend this edition of "Nel segno del Giglio" organized by the Artour company on behalf of the Province. For an exhibition-market that I know is now firmly confirmed among the largest in the sector in Europe.
"In the sign of the Lily" is a proposal of the Province of Parma, organized and curated by ARTOUR s.c, in collaboration with the Municipality of Colorno.
For information on the Exhibition: ARTOUR s.c.
Tourist information: IAT Colorno, tel. 0521.313336; IAT Parma, tel. 0521.218889; Parma Point, tel. 0521.931800

April 29th Mendrisio (Switzerland)

The "Borsa delle Piante" is held for the second time in Mendrisio, Switzerland (5. min. From the border), an event organized by the "Club Amici dello Stagno" which has reached its sixth edition. Sunday 29 April from 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm the square of Villa Argentina will be filled with stalls for an unusual market. The exhibited goods cannot be bought but must be exchanged between the participants. The Bag of Plants is distinguished by this particular way of experiencing nature, where the exchange of flowers or fruit plants is intertwined with mutual knowledge. Not only shrubs but also advice and good humor, no matter the kind of vegetable involved in the transaction, the important thing is to participate. The event will be covered in the event of rain. For more info: // Tel 0041 91 8576368