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Question: Olive tree

I have an olive tree to plant. Is this the most suitable period? What should the ground be like? Is exposure in full sun fine? What is the fertilizer?

Answer: Olive

Dear Luisa,
if its olive tree is placed in a vase, it can be moved at any time of the year, as it will always like to be moved by a small vase that forces it to develop roots all piled up, to the full ground, where the roots can widen at will; since the plant already feels spring, and the root system is already developing, try to avoid ruining the earthen bread around the roots, so as not to damage them, even accidentally.
Choose a sunny position, consider that it is a Mediterranean plant, used to the sun and to a climate with not excessive frosts; if you live in an area where winter can be very long and cold, I advise you to find an area sheltered from the cold winter winds for your olive tree.
The olive is a plant that does not need excessive watering, and prefers very loose and very well drained soils; in general the hole in the garden is prepared by working the present earth well with the addition of fresh soil, little manure and sand, or pumice, or lapillus, to increase drainage; in fact olive trees are very sensitive to water stagnation and very compact soil. If the soil of your garden is very clayey, add good quality topsoil to the hole, you can buy citrus soil in the nursery, which is generally a good compromise for cultivating the olive tree.
Place the plant at the same depth as it was in the pot, so as not to bury the stem, which otherwise could be subject to rotting; after having buried the plant, press lightly with the foot around the stem, to keep it firm; if it is a small and small specimen, provide it with a guardian, which will keep the tree firm and straight in the first years of life in the open ground.
Water immediately and wait for the soil to dry well for the next watering. Generally the adult olive trees, which have been in residence for some time, do not need any watering and are satisfied with the rains; if, however, the spring is very dry, it is advisable to water a young olive tree that has recently settled down, at least sporadically, avoiding however to leave it in an always damp ground.
At the moment of implantation, spread around the tree a handful of slow release granular fertilizer, specific for green plains.