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Olive bonsai

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Application: olive bonsai

Can olive bonsai be grown at home?

Olive bonsai: Answer: olive bonsai

Dear Pierpaolo,
the olive trees are plants typical of the Mediterranean climate, as such to survive and grow at their best they must be grown in a climate that is more similar to the Mediterranean, especially if cultivated as bonsai, or in a tiny pot with a shrunken root system.
The fact that the plant is kept indoors or outdoors depends only on the general climatic conditions: when the climate with which it holds its olive tree is more like a Mediterranean climate, and its plant will be much better.
The Mediterranean climate is characterized by four strongly different seasons: fresh and rainy spring, hot and dry summer, still fresh and very rainy, and average cold winter with little significant rainfall.
In the apartment in general, however, the climate appears as a fairly homogeneous continuum of a single season (at least as far as temperatures are concerned), with autumn and winter at 20 ° C, very dry (the heating system completely dries the air) , a slightly cooler, but little spring, and slightly more humid (if the spring is warm, the heating systems are turned off and the windows are opened, thus decreasing the temperatures inside the house and letting in some of the humidity present outside) , and a generally very dry summer, but ultimately very cool, given the widespread use of fans and air conditioners.
So if he wants to cultivate his olive bonsai at home, you will have to find an unheated room, where in winter the temperatures fall even below 10 °; in addition to this, in spring and autumn, it will have to try to make the air in which it cultivates its olive tree very humid, spraying it often.
Generally these plants are grown outdoors, because in Italy, even on the terrace, the most suitable climate for its bonsai olive tree occurs.
If we grow a plant like the olive in the apartment, it is likely to be ruined over the years, especially from the very dry air present in the house, but also from the unusual heat to which it will be subjected during the winter months, which will not allow the plant to enter the semi-vegetative rest that is usually spent during the coldest months of the year.
And the plants "know" which season we are in, as they perceive the differences in the hours of light and darkness due to the different seasons in which we find ourselves.
So, I suggest you cultivate your own olive bonsai outdoors, or at least in the stairwell, where home heating should affect the climate a little less.