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Works of the month apartment September

Works of the month apartment September

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Jobs month of September

After the hot days of August for our plants the coolness and rains of September are a real refreshment and an invitation to resume the vegetative development; indeed we can already notice new small leaves appear, as if it were a second spring. To encourage the development of our plants, it is advisable to resume normal fertilizations, suspended or spaced during the summer hot period; we can also take advantage of the mild climate to repot plants that have been in their containers for too long and thus give them new strength to grow, or we can take stem, leaf or root cuttings, which we will take root in a mixture of sand and peat in equal parts, to keep in a cool place, better if shaded and with high environmental humidity.

Works for houseplants

Even if the minimum has decreased, the sunny days are still rather hot, so it is good to remember to keep the most delicate plants shaded, such as ficus species and orchids particularly sensitive to the direct exposure of the sun's rays; we also pay attention to thunderstorms, which at this time of year are often very violent and could irreparably damage our plants; we could, for example, provide us with anti-hail nets, or mats to prevent atmospheric events from ruining leaves and stems. These are the main jobs to be carried out during the month for the care of our beloved houseplants: with a few good rules it will be possible to obtain splendid and vigorous plants able to embellish and make your apartment more welcoming.


With the month of September we can thin out the waterings, very intense in the just past months, and moreover frequent vaporizing will not be so necessary, thanks to a natural increase of the environmental humidity that allows the plants to develop at best thanks to the environment more similar to the one for them ideal; the return from holiday may have caused us to find some damaged or weakened plants, but never fear, there are still some months before winter, which we can use to get our friends plants back, restoring a correct and regular water balance; we can also use the help of specific anti-stress products, based on mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins, to give a boost of energy to the plants that have suffered most during the previous months.

Works of the month apartment September: Pests and diseases

Some pests, caused by the dry climate and excessive heat, will soon become a bad memory; however we must not let our guard down, first of all because many insects love cool and humid climates and therefore during this period they find the ideal climate for their proliferation, then also because others take advantage of this time of year to lay their eggs, perhaps right in the vase that in a few weeks you will find space in our living room. Therefore, the works for the month of September to be carried out for our houseplants are not few. In the winter months it is not always possible to perform interventions with chemicals, at home and often in the presence of children; It is therefore advisable to monitor our plants, and possibly provide for a specific insecticide or fungicide treatment to avoid this problem.