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Beets are rightfully considered one of the most valuable vegetables, because they are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Beets contain fiber and organic acids. For our body, beets are necessary, as it supplies it with vitamins and minerals, improves the digestion process.

In summer and autumn, this vegetable is enough in full, but with the onset of cold weather, each housewife begins to think about how to preserve the beets for the winter so that they do not deteriorate and do not lose useful properties. This is quite possible if you know some rules about where to store beets, thanks to which the harvest will be preserved for a long time and without loss. How to store beets, how to store beets in winter, storing red beets, how to store beet leaves for the winter, read about this in this article.

General information

How to keep the beet crop until spring? Beets are characterized by good keeping quality and relative resistance to cold temperatures, therefore, with proper storage, the beet crop can persist until spring. How to preserve and store red beets, storage conditions for red beets for the winter, read on.

How can you save beets for the winter? The main aspects to look out for when storing crops for the winter:

  • Temperature regime is the main condition for proper storage of beets..

    What is the best way to store beets for the winter. When storing beets in any of the possible ways, the storage temperature should not exceed 2-3 ◦C and not fall below 0 ◦C. Low temperatures (below 0 ◦С) promote freezing of the root crop, complete or partial, which negatively affects the nutritional and nutritional qualities of the vegetable. But a temperature above 4-5 ◦C can provoke the germination of tops (leaves) and as a result, such beets will not last long, after a couple of weeks they will be unsuitable for long-term storage. Therefore, such a temperature regime (from 0 to 3 ◦C) is extremely important to maintain at least the first couple of months. With the right temperature, beets can be harvested throughout the winter.

  • Beet varieties for winter storage.

    How to preserve beets properly? It has long been noticed that some beets last longer, while others deteriorate or germinate after a couple of months, although all storage conditions are observed. With what it can be connected? Of course with a variety of beets. When choosing beets, you should pay attention to the size of the vegetable, there are varieties in which the beets grow small, and this negatively affects the shelf life. You should not give preference to too large fruits, they are stored better than small ones, but they are inferior in taste. Large beets are often fibrous and not so sweet.

    Pay attention to the following varieties of beets: Salad, Cold-resistant, Egyptian, Mulatto, Bordeaux and Libero. These varieties of beets have excellent taste, the fruit is medium in size, and it is stored for a long time and without loss.

  • Crop storage periods.

    The storage period of the crop depends on the conditions and method of storage of the beets. If the beets are stored correctly, if the fruit itself is not damaged, then the harvested crop can be stored without loss throughout the winter and spring. If the storage conditions are not respected, and the fruits were damaged, then the crop may deteriorate and disappear after 1 - 2 months.

  • Crop storage conditions.

    What is the best way to store beets in the winter? The beet crop must be stored in proper conditions. What does it mean? In the place where the beets are stored, the temperature regime must be maintained in order to avoid germination and freezing of the beets, which leads to losses in the amount of the crop. Humidity should be at least 90%, otherwise the beets will dry out, and this will adversely affect the quality of the product. The place where the beet crop is stored must be dark, the air must circulate, stagnant and musty air lead to spoilage.

  • Where and what to store the beet crop?

    How to properly preserve beets for the winter? The main storage sites for crops are divided into two options: outdoor and indoor. Outside the premises, vegetables can be stored in pits and trenches. But the storage rooms for beets can be different: basement, cellar, apartment, balcony, or any dark and cool room with high humidity. The best place to store beets is in a cellar or basement. It is always dark in these rooms, humidity and temperature are within the required ranges for storing this product, there is natural air circulation.

Beets are most often stored on the floor (on the ground), in wooden boxes, on shelves and sprinkled with sand. How to store red beets in winter, how best to keep beets for the winter further.

Storage methods

You can choose any method for storing beets for the winter, but none of them will be reliable if you prepare the beets incorrectly. You will learn the correct storage of beets for the winter and how to properly store beets for the winter in this section. Harvesting before storing beets must be done before the first frost. Even minor frosts can damage the root crop. Harvesting is necessary in dry autumn weather.

How to keep beets fresh for the winter? After harvesting the beets, you need to prepare them. Preparation of beets before storage for the winter is carried out immediately after harvest... First of all, the beets must be dried. You can dry in the garden (in dry weather) or indoors.

After drying, it is necessary to cleanse the vegetables from the ground, in no case do we beat them together. Then we cut off the tops with a knife, but not at the very root. You cannot break it and twist it, such manipulations can damage vegetables.

It is more difficult to store beets at home, because you need to allocate a special room for it or create certain conditions. You can store it on the balcony in a dark box or bag... When stored in bags, beets sometimes need to be ventilated and sorted to avoid mold. You can also store beets in the refrigerator, only sometimes you need to check their condition so that they do not sprout and deteriorate.

How to keep red beets fresh for the winter? Storing beets in a cellar is one of the safest and most common methods. It can be stored on the floor or on shelves, it is usually laid out in the form of a pyramid, this ensures normal air circulation between vegetables.

Many housewives store already boiled beets. This method has some disadvantages, namely the shelf life. Boiled beets can be stored for up to 15 - 20 days in the refrigerator, and up to 30 - 45 days in the freezer.

How to save beetroot for the winter? Recently, housewives have learned to dry and dry beets. Dry or dried beets can be stored for quite a long time (up to 6 months) at home. It can be used for both first and second courses. Storing beetroot for the winter will help you stay healthy at this time of year.

How to save beets for the winter. There is another popular way to store beets - freezing.... Freezing beets can be done at home using a freezer. Both boiled and raw beets are frozen. The shelf life of beets using this method ranges from 1 to 2 months. Storing beets for the winter requires special care.

How to keep the tops?

Beet greens are also a valuable product... It contains a lot of vitamin C and fiber. It can be used for making salads and used as bait for animals, so the tops are not thrown away. You can keep it fresh, freeze or pickle.

When storing it fresh, all the rules for temperature and humidity are observed as for beets. If the tops are frozen or pickled, then it must be prepared.... The tops are washed and cleaned of all excess, cut into pieces (about 5 cm). Place in portions in containers or bags with fasteners and freeze.

The tops are stored in the freezer for about 3 months. Pickled tops can be stored for up to 6 months.

Storage of fodder beets

Fodder beets are stored in the same way. The main indicators are the temperature and humidity of the room in which the beets are stored. Do not wash the beets before storing.

The beet crop can be kept fresh until next season. Remember the most important rules and strictly follow them. Then your harvest will be preserved without loss.

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