All about mid-late tomato varieties: why we love them and how to grow them correctly

 All about mid-late tomato varieties: why we love them and how to grow them correctly

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In order to choose the right variety of tomatoes that you are going to plant, you must also take into account the ripening period.

After all, the tomato differs into several types for this indicator.

Consider features of medium late tomato varieties.

How long have they been singing?

Medium late tomatoes ripen in about 150-160 days... This indicator is considered to be quite long for the gardening industry, but the taste and yield of the varieties justify such a long wait.

The ripening period can and vary depending on climatic conditions, as well as care.

The classification according to the degree of ripening rate is rather arbitrary, but we will adhere to it.

Medium late tomatoes, like all other similar vegetables, are divided into 2 main types:

There are also superdeterminate types of tomatoes that can be grown even on your balcony in a pot.

Tomato varieties can also be distinguished by color (yellow, green, red, pink, striped), and purpose (salad, for preservation, for juice).

List of medium late tomatoes on the site

You will find more detailed information on each variety in our articles.

For your convenience, we have compiled an alphabetical table of mid-late varieties to facilitate your selection.

Table of medium late tomato varieties:

Abakan pinkYellow bananaHoney fireworks
Volgogradskiy 5 95gold fishF1 slot
De Barao RedGolden Raspberry MiracleTitanium
De Barao OrangeKrasnobay F1French Grozdeva
De Barao BlackRaspberry miracleMarket miracle

Where can you grow?

Mid-late varieties can be grown in the greenhouse and outdoors. But preference, nevertheless, is given to the first option.

Due to the fact that the vegetable ripens long enough, it is better to protect it from external irritants so that the plant does not die and does not get sick. There are also varieties that are great for outdoor use, but most of them are designed for warm to moderate climates.

If your area is often cold, then these tomatoes are not suitable for open cultivation.

In terms of size, indeterminate varieties are usually grown in greenhouse conditions, where it is easier to care for them and there is less risk that the plant will get sick. Determinant tomatoes are usually grown outdoors, as they are less whimsical.

Seedling preparation rules

In order to grow vegetables successfully, it is imperative to prepare the seedlings on time.

In order to do this in the case of mid-late vegetables, it is enough to use the following algorithm:

  • We determine the approximate planting time, keep in mind that it depends on many factors. To do this, you can read the recommendations on the seed packaging, or consult more experienced gardeners;
  • Now you should subtract from this indicator the best age for seedlings, which for this type is 65 days;
  • Subtract 6 more days for seed germination.

This will give us the optimal time to prepare the seedlings.

Growing features

So, most varieties of mid-late tomatoes are not distinguished by the best endurance in terms of climatic conditions. Many are designed for warm climates, so if your area is not different, grow only in greenhouses.

Most types of mid-late tomatoes have excellent taste. These are probably the tastiest varieties of tomatoes, so they are great for gourmets.

Despite the fact that most varieties are grown in a greenhouse, they are not picky, so even beginners can correctly bring them to maturity. Interestingly, many types of mid-late vegetables are grown in the apartment on the balcony.

The best varieties for greenhouses and vegetable gardens

If you decide to grow mid-late vegetables in a greenhouse, we recommend these varieties:

  • De Barao. It is available in a variety of colors. This species gives small but very sweet fruits, and the yield is large. It is suitable for those greenhouses where there are sufficiently high supports. This variety is very popular in Russia and all over the world. Here you will find descriptions of De Barao varieties: Red, Black, Orange and De Barao Gigant;
  • If you want to start growing something original, we recommend the "Yellow Banana" variety. It has a shape similar to the fruit of the same name, and the yellow color does not cause allergies, so everyone, without exception, can enjoy it;
  • "Titan" is characterized by the fact that it is grown in a low greenhouse, maturation is permissible even in an apartment. It is very sweet and has a delicate pink color. The vegetable is just perfect for greenhouse and home breeding.

For open ground, we recommend the following types:

  • "Raspberry Miracle". This tomato has a characteristic color, is immune to many diseases, and is unpretentious. And its taste is at its best !;
  • For lovers of sweet tomatoes, the type "Honey fireworks" is ideal. Tomato grows to a large enough size, it is so sweet that it can be used as a dessert.

There are also quite a few types of mid-late vegetables that are worth trying outdoors or in a greenhouse.

Medium late tomatoes combine great taste, a wide variety of varieties and unpretentiousness. They are perfect for both a beginner and an experienced gardener.

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