How tasty and healthy to cook and how much to cook cauliflower: features of heat treatment

 How tasty and healthy to cook and how much to cook cauliflower: features of heat treatment

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Cauliflower is an affordable, delicious, and extremely healthy vegetable. And if raw cauliflower is not to everyone's taste, then few can refuse cauliflower soup or baked cauliflower with cheddar. Much has been said and written about the benefits of cauliflower. But not everyone likes it. Most likely, the reason is improper cooking.

Beautiful inflorescences of cauliflower are well absorbed by our body and are suitable for baby food and even to start feeding babies. Why is cauliflower useful? It is important to know how much to cook the vegetable before frying or stewing. If you follow the detailed instructions, in the end the dish will turn out, of course, delicious. This article describes how tasty and healthy to cook and how much to cook cauliflower.

In what form will the use of a vegetable be tasty and healthy?

In cheese

The wording "to consume raw" is truly surprising. Can you really eat cauliflower without prior heat treatment? Yes, you can, but the taste is unlikely to please.

Fresh cabbage juice is used for stomach diseases... Also, this tool is used to treat constipation, flatulence in the intestines.

In the juice of cauliflower, even during cooking, the maximum amount of useful trace elements and vitamins is retained.


Boiled cabbage is no less useful, it is well digested. But it does not cook for a long time. It is in this way that it is recommended to cook a vegetable in order to preserve valuable substances in the composition. Cauliflower is the basis of dietary nutrition.

Boiled food will help you recover after surgery... They will satisfy hunger and at the same time will not overload the stomach. Boiled cauliflower is useful for people with liver and gastrointestinal problems, because cabbage will provide the necessary density of the food lump for optimal digestion.

They say that boiled cauliflower is one of the most dietary and healthy dishes for the human body. Cabbage is very easy to cook, tastes good and is very easy to digest.

Cooking features

It is easy to find cauliflower on sale, both fresh and frozen. When buying cabbage, you should pay attention to its expiration date.... You can store it for no more than 12 months. In a frozen vegetable, the inflorescences should not be small, without visible damage.

Fresh or frozen food

The process of preparing fresh and frozen cabbage does not fundamentally differ from each other. The difference is only in the duration of cooking, and is about two minutes. The vegetable should not be defrosted beforehand. You can only hold it for a few minutes in a salty solution. Although many housewives prefer to cook cauliflower without salt.

Cooking time for fresh cabbage takes 10-15 minutes, and frozen 15-17 minutes.

How to cook fresh cauliflower is described here, and how to cook frozen is written here.

For children and adults

The cooking process itself is the same. The only thing is that it is not worth salt water for children. After cooking, the cabbage needs to be mashed... For this, you can use a sieve or blender. In this form, cauliflower is introduced to young children as the first complementary food.

More information about the features of cooking cauliflower for baby puree for complementary foods can be found in our material.

How many minutes should it stand after boiling?

During cooking, do not cover the container with a lid. This will turn the vegetable yellow. Also, after cooking, do not leave the cabbage in hot water for a long time, otherwise it will be digested and the structure will become soft. You need to take it out onto a plate and let it cool, and then proceed to further cooking.

How long does it take to cook? The duration of pre-cooking depends on the dish you plan to cook:

  • For soup... The most popular cauliflower soup is puree soup. It can be cooked with a creamy flavor or just a vegetable flavor.

    Therefore, for this type of soup, cabbage needs to be boiled well so that it can be easily interrupted by a blender. Cooking time for the vegetable is about 15-17 minutes.

  • For salads... But for salads, cabbage should keep its shape. You should definitely make sure that it is not overcooked and does not fall apart.

    Better not to cook a little. Many people like the crunch of cauliflower when bitten. Therefore, you need to boil for 8-10 minutes.

  • For frying... Most often, cauliflower is consumed fried. It is advised to pre-boil the vegetable, which will shorten the frying process by 4-5 minutes. As a result, the cabbage will become soft and juicy. And the dish is delicious and airy.

    You can cook the whole head or disassemble it into inflorescences. After boiling, before frying, you need to keep the cabbage on fire. The duration of the thermal process of the inflorescences will be 10 minutes, and the head of cabbage - 20 minutes.

  • For a couple... It is useful to steam the vegetable. In a double boiler, cabbage is cooked for about 20-30 minutes. And in a slow cooker, 15 minutes are enough.

Why is it bitter after heat treatment?

Why does cabbage taste bitter after cooking? It is important not to overexpose the vegetable in boiling water during the cooking process. Otherwise, it will become soft, loose, and lose its shape. There will also be a not appetizing appearance of the product, an unpleasant, bitter aftertaste will appear.

If improperly cooked, not only the taste will change, but a large amount of minerals and vitamins will be destroyed by prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

How to cook correctly: step by step instructions

How can you boil cauliflower correctly? There are several ways to cook cabbage. It is still considered traditional - cooking in a saucepan. Boiled cauliflower is a ready-made juicy and tender dish, which is part of children's and dietary food with a fat content of 0.3% and a calorie content of 29 Kcal per 100 g of product.

The best cooking container is considered to be an enameled dish with a thick bottom..

  1. At the beginning of cooking, divide the cabbage into inflorescences. Separate them from the stump just below the starting branch.
  2. If there are rotten areas, they should be cut out.
  3. Carefully clean up dark places.
  4. Rinse with cold running water.

It is better to soak the inflorescences in salted water before cooking, and if there is garbage somewhere, it will float. They say that boiled cauliflower is one of the most dietary and healthy dishes for the human body.

In a saucepan

To make cauliflower, you need:

  1. Pour water and put on high heat.
  2. Add salt: 10 g of salt is needed for 1 liter of water.
  3. You can add acetic acid 1 tablespoon so that the vegetable does not darken during the thermal preparation.
  4. Put cauliflower in boiling water.
  5. Reduce the heating intensity of the container.
  6. During the cooking process, it is important to periodically test the readiness of the product.

The time for boiling cabbage in a saucepan is chosen depending on the further use of the cauliflower.

In the microwave

Cooking with this method can be done in different ways.

The first way to cook in the microwave:

  1. Water is poured into a special container for the microwave, salted and the inflorescences are placed there.
  2. Be sure to cover with a lid.
  3. Cook at full power for 5-7 minutes.
  4. After that, do not immediately remove it, you need to let it cool.

If this time is not enough, you should turn on the microwave for another 2-4 minutes.

The first way to cook in the microwave:

  1. Disassembled inflorescences are placed in a dish.
  2. Pour 3 tablespoons of milk for every 0.5 kg of cauliflower.
  3. Season with salt, cover.
  4. Simmer for 3 minutes at maximum power.
  5. Then add spices and cook for another 10 minutes until tender.

But, in order to prepare a dietary meal, and in summer and spring this is most important, cauliflower can simply be stewed.

In a double boiler

Cooking in a double boiler allows you to preserve the beneficial properties of the product... It is also easy and simple to cook. Pre-prepared inflorescences are placed in the thicket of a double boiler. Steam cooking time 20-25 minutes.

How to determine readiness?

As already mentioned, the overcooked vegetable is not tasty and does not have an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, it is important not to miss the moment of readiness.

To check the readiness of the cabbage, you need to pierce the base of the twig with a knife or fork. If it enters easily, then it is cooked.

What kind of meals can you make?

Boiled cauliflower dishes are healthy and nutritious... Boiled cabbage is part of recipes for many dishes, and therefore what to cook from cabbage after boiling will depend only on your imagination. They are great during Lent or for people who prefer vegetarianism. Basically, cauliflower is used in cooked recipes, for example, before frying in batter.

Cauliflower can be used to make a wide variety of dishes. Cauliflower boiled in salted water and seasoned with butter is delicious on its own. However, with a little effort you can make gratin from boiled cauliflower.

How and what can you cook deliciously using boiled cabbage?

Cauliflower can be prepared:

  • vegetable soups, puree soups;
  • salads;
  • casseroles;
  • souffle;
  • fried in breadcrumbs, batter, in an egg;
  • as a side dish (cauliflower puree is a good alternative to a potato dish).

For the preparation of cauliflower main courses, it is disassembled into inflorescences, blanched, and then fried in breadcrumbs, batter, baked in pots, or a casserole is prepared from it. Young bumps are added to soups or vegetable stews. For the winter, cauliflower can be salted and pickled.


So, knowing how much time it takes to cook cauliflower and the sequence of execution, it is easy to prepare a low-calorie, satisfying meal for the whole family. With proper cooking, the inflorescences will keep their shape and retain valuable properties.... It is especially important to use this product for children of any age.



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