An overview of the most popular varieties for the greenhouse: which tomatoes are best for planting?

 An overview of the most popular varieties for the greenhouse: which tomatoes are best for planting?

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The processes of growing tomatoes in the greenhouse and in the open field have their own characteristics and differences. Therefore, not every variety of tomatoes is suitable for planting in closed soil.

In the article, we will talk about suitable varieties that take root well and give a rich harvest in indoor growing conditions.

Next, we will tell you how the varieties of tomatoes differ and which ones are better suited for growing in a greenhouse, as well as whether the Pinocchio variety can be planted indoors.

Which tomatoes are best for indoor cultivation?

There are a number of distinctive characteristics of growing tomatoes in the garden and in an enclosed space. These "greenhouse" features include:

  • Pollination - the greenhouse is closed on all sides, so insects do not get on the tomatoes. In this case, it is important to take care of artificial pollination.
  • Watering - there is no hope for rain, which means that you need to worry about regular watering in advance, it is good if it is drip.
  • Lighting - without artificial light, the harvest will not be so rich.
  • Top dressing - the soil must be nourished in order for the fruits to fully develop.
  • Varieties - not all varieties of tomatoes are suitable for greenhouse cultivation (we will discuss the best varieties below).

What qualities must be possessed for planting?

  1. Productivity. Since it is not always possible to create natural conditions in an enclosed space, it is therefore better to choose hybrid species that are distinguished by higher yields and resistance to adverse factors.
  2. Bush type. Experienced agronomists who specialize in greenhouse cultivation. prefer tall varieties. Since they occupy the same area as the undersized ones, and bear more fruits.
  3. Fruit size is not important when choosing a planting site.
  4. Some vegetable growers want to get several harvests per season in the greenhouse, so they choose early ripening varieties for planting. However, both mid- and late-ripening species are suitable. Only in this case will the tomatoes have time to ripen only once. If agronomists plan to get a harvest throughout the year, then early varieties are better suited here.
  5. Disease resistance. Contrary to popular belief that there are no bacteria and infections in an enclosed space, tomatoes can still become infected with some kind of disease. Therefore, it is best to choose those varieties that are immune to disease and pest attacks.
  6. Storage duration. Now many varieties have been bred, which are distinguished by long keeping quality and storage during transportation, so it would be more expedient to purchase just these types of tomatoes.



The main advantage of this species is its high yield rates.

In addition the fruits grow in the correct shape, bright scarlet color. The first tomatoes can be picked 95 days after germination. Up to 6 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from one bush. The height of the bush reaches one and a half meters, and the mass of one tomato is 120 grams. It has a high immunity to disease.

Video about the Blagovest tomato variety:


The bushes are low - a maximum of 80 centimeters. Fruits appear 95-100 days after seedling emergence. The tomato grows round, slightly ribbed, weighing up to 100 grams. The yield per square meter is 7 kilograms. A characteristic feature of the variety is its resistance to diseases and changes in temperature, especially to a decrease in temperature.


Ripening period - three months. The bush grows up to 150 centimeters. Tomatoes grow round in shape with flattened sides, slightly ribbed. The pulp of this variety is juicy, and the skin is compacted.


The bushes are relatively low - no more than half a meter. Fruits are medium in size. Growing in a greenhouse of this kind is not advisable.

Video about the variety of tomatoes Shuttle:


A variety with a low stem - up to 60 cm. The yield from one bush is 3-4 kg. In greenhouse conditions, the weight of one fruit reaches 150 grams. Round tomatoes, juicy, fleshy.

Video about the tomato variety Sanka:


The variety belongs to dwarf. It can be grown even on windowsills, since the height of the bush does not exceed 30 cm. Fruits are miniature, their weight is 20-30 grams. One bush yields a crop weighing 1.5 kg.

Video about the Pinocchio tomato variety:


Russian size

The variety is distinguished by the height of the bush, which can be up to two meters.

Fruits fully ripen 4 months after seed germination. Tomatoes are quite large - weighing up to 700 gr. There are exceptions, the mass of which reaches 2 kg. The tomato is round, with a slight ribbing. Such a size of the variety does not allow it to be preserved. Tomato is good for use in salads and processing.

Market miracle

Suitable only for indoor cultivation. The fruits ripen in 120 days. The height of the bush is usually 150-160 centimeters. This variety is also not suitable for conservation. The weight of the fruits is mainly 300 grams, but in some cases larger fruits can be found - up to 800 grams.

King of Kings

When grown in greenhouses, it should grow very large - from 1 to 1.5 kg. Differs in high productivity and resistance to late blight. The bush reaches a height of two meters. The tomato is rounded in shape, has a flat top, slightly fluffed.

Citrus garden

A rich harvest can be obtained from this variety only if grown in greenhouse. The ripening period is 4 months. Medium-sized fruits - 80-100 grams, so they are suitable for any purpose. The bush is not very large in height, but spreading - up to 5 branches can grow on it. The yield from each branch is about 2.5 kg.

Video about the tomato variety Citrus Garden:


This variety is distinguished by a powerful bush that grows up to two meters. In greenhouse conditions, the mass of one tomato usually reaches 800 grams. The skin of this variety is thin, the pulp is juicy. If the fruits fell off the branches, they have the ability to ripen separately. The disadvantage of this type is the short storage and the impossibility of transportation, since the tomatoes are cracked.


Gardener's dream

The stems reach a height of 70 centimeters. The fruits are bright red, weighing up to 180 grams, the pulp is juicy, with a sweet taste. To get a good harvest, the bush must be pinned. From one bush, you can get up to 7 kg of tomatoes, which are suitable for fresh consumption and for conservation.

Greenhouse early maturing

Yields a harvest 80 days after the first shoots. Medium-sized fruits - about 180 gr. The fruits themselves are dark red in color, the taste is sweet with hints of pepper. Medium-sized bush.


The bush grows up to one and a half meters, so it needs to be tied up and pinned. The weight of a tomato reaches a quarter of a kilogram. The pulp is juicy, tender, the skin is thin. The fruits are red.


Despite the height of the bush (about two meters), the fruits grow medium in size - weighing no more than 100 grams. There are a lot of tomatoes on the bush, they can be harvested 85 days after the seedlings emerge. The taste is characterized by pronounced sweetness.

Mandarin duck

Fruit weight is about 0.1 kg. Each cluster usually grows up to 10 such tomatoes. Though the bush itself is low, it requires a garter, because the relatively weak stems do not support this weight. The color of the tomatoes is bright orange.


The bush does not differ particularly in height, but at the same time the yield of this variety is very high. Due to the thickened peel, it can be stored and transported for a long time.

Middle and late ripening

Long Keeper

The plant reaches a height of one and a half meters. Tomatoes of this variety must be picked still green 125-130 after the first seedlings appear. Then the green tomatoes are melted in a lighted and warm place for ripening.

Video about the Long Keeper tomato variety:

Grandma's miracle

The stem height is 1.5 meters. Each bush grows 6-7 tomatoes, each weighing 300 grams. Resistant to infections and bacteria.

Bull heart

Differs in large fruits, the weight of which is up to 0.5 kg. The shade of tomatoes is light crimson. The pulp is juicy, soft, the skin is thin.


Regular round red tomatoes. It is immune to ailments and pests. The presentation remains for a long time.

De Barao

Suitable for growing both in the greenhouse and in the open field. The fruits are small - weighing about 70 grams. Productivity from one bush - 7.5 kg. Tomatoes grow in the form of cream.

Very productive

Academician Sakharov

A tall (up to 2 m) variety, which is distinguished by an average ripening period. The best harvest is given in the greenhouse. The best results are shown when forming no more than 2 stems.

Alesha Popovich

The fruits grow up to 200 grams, and the bush itself is up to 180 cm in height. Refers to indeterminate varieties. Needs pinning and additional support.


Tomatoes reach 0.5 kg when fully ripe. To do this, it is necessary to form a bush of 1-2 stems.

The most delicious and sweetest


Its pulp is sweetish and fleshy. The shade of the fruit is crimson with pink. For the most part, salads are prepared from Major.

Eagle beak

A distinctive feature is the oblong and slightly curved shape of the fruit, which resembles a beak. Tomatoes are large - in a greenhouse they can grow up to 1 kg.

Video about the tomato variety Eagle's beak:

Pink honey

It has a characteristic sweetness with a barely audible sour aftertaste. The shape of the fruit is heart-shaped.

Video about the tomato variety Pink honey:

The largest

  • Mazarin - weight 0.7 kg.
  • Large-fruited scorpion - weight 0.9 kg.
  • Cardinal - 1 kg.
  • Bear paw - 1 kg.
  • Grandma's secret - more than 1 kg.

The work of breeders does not stand still. They are trying to create varieties of tomatoes that will be disease-resistant and yet yield a rich harvest of delicious fruits. Therefore, now there is a huge selection of varieties that will give such a result when grown in a greenhouse.



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