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Question: herbicide

Good morning. I would like to know when I can start weeding the lawn. I know it must not be cold, but while I pass it or during the day in general? Dress in prov.To and temperatures range from 5 to 20 degrees; the lawn is in good condition and even high enough, but I have not yet made the first cut; the weeds are low and creeping, like the centocchio and a bit of plantain. thank you very much!

Herbicide: Answer: herbicide

Dear Federica,
the selective herbicide, the one to be spread on the lawn by spraying it, works when it is absorbed by the leaves on which it is sprayed, in particular the selective herbicides generally work on the broad-leaved weeds; all the events that could prevent the correct absorption of the herbicide by the leaves, can frustrate the weeding action.
Therefore it is advisable to avoid excessively hot periods, or very sunny days, which would dry the product, which would therefore create a patina on the leaves, from which it could not be absorbed.
In the same way, very humid or rainy periods should be avoided, because the water throws the product you sprayed onto it from the foliage, and therefore the weeding is unlikely to be successful; the same applies if you water shortly after weeding.
In addition to this, most herbicide products work ideally at temperatures ranging from 10 to 20-25 ° C; therefore the best time to weed the lawn is early morning or evening, when the minimum temperatures are around 10 ° C.
Before weeding you have to wait until the lawn is well up, with the beautiful developed and luxuriant weeds; water well, because after spraying the herbicide it would be advisable to avoid watering for at least a couple of days. Then proceed spraying the selective herbicide product, insisting in particular in areas particularly infested by unwanted plants.
Not all plants react in the same way to the herbicide, some turn yellow and die quickly, others also take a week to do so; so don't expect to have a lawn cleaned up within a couple of days, wait patiently for all weeds to whittle.