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September fruit and vegetable works

September fruit and vegetable works

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Some crops should be sown at this time of year; therefore we can sow: in nursery or seedbed: white onions, lettuces in winter;in the open ground: vegetable beets, beets, carrots, chicory or radicchio, turnip tops, early onions, endives, fennel, lettuce, parsley, greens, turnips, radishes, rocket, endive, spinach, valerianPlantations and transplants: cabbage.As for the orchard, we can take advantage of the September climate, especially towards the end of the month, to plant new trees, which could thus begin to bear fruit already next spring.Orchard

As mentioned before, during the month of September, as far as fruit and vegetables are concerned, there are still many varieties that bear fruit and plants, especially in the hottest areas, must be irrigated regularly to prevent them from suffering and producing a poor harvest. Given that the temperatures are often still quite high, it is not yet time to carry out work to plant new specimens, but it is possible to start with the preparation and preparation of the soil. Depending on the type of plant that you want to cultivate, it will be good to know in a specific way which are the cultural needs and the type of soil most indicated; in some cases, in fact, it will be necessary to intervene adding fertilizer and organic substance to have a well-balanced substrate suitable for the growth of lush plants.
In this month we continue also with the harvest of numerous fruits and it is good to remember, in the case in which it is a rainy month, that it is advised to wait to collect the fruits when the plants are dry because the fruit will be preserved better.
On some types of plants it is time to intervene with the first pruning operations, which allow the elimination of dry and diseased branches and give shape to the plant; the plants that can be pruned in September are citrus fruits, plum trees, peach trees, apricot trees and cherry trees.
In this period it is also possible to proceed with the grafting of numerous varieties, such as the apple tree, the apricot tree, the cherry tree, the almond tree, the fig tree and the vine.

Vegetable garden

As for fruit plants, there are also numerous operations to be performed in the garden during this period. It is a season in which there are numerous varieties of fruit and vegetables to harvest; among the most common vegetables we remember the courgettes, the tomatoes of the late species, the green beans. The soil must be prepared, hoeing and airing it, after having eliminated the varieties of plants that have now finished the production phase. In the soil, organic fertilizer must be mixed, so as to prepare it best for planting winter vegetable species. Some varieties of plants can be grown in seedlings this season, such as, for example, parsley, carrots, fennel and some types of salad, while others, such as cabbage and cabbage, can be planted in the open ground. In this period it is also good to proceed with antifungal treatments, as diseases of this type can increase their frequency with increasing rainfall and humidity.