May 2012

May 2012

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18-20 May Rome

GIARDININTERRAZZA, which returns to Rome 18 - 19 and 20 May 2012, after the great success of the first edition The first Italian event
dedicated to terraces, balconies and gardens
Hanging Park of the Auditorium Parco della Musica 18, 19, 20 May 2012
Viale Pietro de Coubertin, Rome
Timetable 10.00-20.0
Entrance ticket: 10 euros - free entrance for children under 18 years
Second edition for Giardininterrazza, an event dedicated to greenery in the city and outdoor design, thanks to which there will be no more secrets or impossibilities. Enthusiasts, newbies and even gray thumbs, they will find complete satisfaction, given the presence of experts in the field and thousands of plants.
The location is suggestive, the Hanging Park of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, a little-explored place that offers an unprecedented look at the capital. Three days, 18, 19 and 20 May, for a swirl of gardeners, garden designers, landscapers, architects, nurserymen, artisans, who will make their experience and their products available to the public. Aesthetic solutions and sustainable bio indications, to enrich parks, gardens, courtyards, terraces, balconies and vases.
And then the initiatives that characterize Giardininterrazza.
The “Follie d'Autore” are back, seven free and creative installations, developed around the idea of ​​the garden and the terrace by renowned landscape architects.
"Balconi per Roma", that is, creating a green corner can be simple and fun, a team made up of very young designers under 30 will create 10 different types of balconies, using plants and furnishings from the exhibitors present, to suggest home solutions.
Via degli Orti d'Alibert, 9
00165 Rome

12-13 May Rosazzo (Ud)

The Abbazia di Rosazzo Foundation promotes and organizes the 1st edition of the RosArtis Award for the design and construction of gardens that best interpret and enhance the rose as a distinctive element of the compositions. The RosArtis 2012 Award is born within the Rosazzo da Rosa event, now this year in its 8th edition, with the aim of supporting the culture of roses and contributing to their enhancement and dissemination, through the creation of gardens by nurserymen and landscape architects.
With this aim, the Abbey of Rosazzo, an example of excellence in the architectural and landscape heritage of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, will make its precious Belvedere available to participants in the days of the Rosazzo da Rosa event, which will be held on 12 and 13 May 2012.
The evocative terrace will be transformed for the occasion into an exclusive place where more than 2,000 visitors will be able to admire the gardens created by the finalists in competition.
Different interpretations of the “queen of flowers” ​​to suggest original compositional solutions to rose lovers and to all those who, having a garden, await the right occasion to enhance it with a flower that combines high resistance to characteristics of undisputed and stunning beauty .
The competition announcement is available on the website:
For more information and contacts:
Abbey of Rosazzo Foundation Piazza Abbazia 5 - 33044 Manzano - Loc. Rosazzo (Udine)

18-20 May Ischia

, on the 18th, 19th and 20th May 2012 the tenth edition of Ipomea del Negombo will take place, a market show of rare and unusual plants in the warm temperate zone.
The opening is Friday 18th May from 3.00pm to 8.30pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am to 8.30pm.
The exhibition will take place in the Negombo Hydrotermal Botanical Park, on the Island of Ischia.
The main island in the Gulf of Naples is inhabited by 60,000 residents; with 600,000 arrivals and 6,000,000 admissions a year, it is the most important tourist hub in the whole of southern Italy.
The choice of Ischia offers these botanical interests to a large catchment area: Naples, the Sorrento coast, the Amalfi coast and the islands of the gulf are in fact rich in gardens and terraces ideal for hosting plants cultivated by our exhibitors.
Strange times, our times: in them nature, greenery, the garden, together with the ecological and landscape question, enjoy a mass media success, so they seem to have become current. Magazines, conferences, fairs dedicated to this have multiplied. But as we know, we must be wary of appearances. The garden, the greenery, the landscape, nature have only come back into fashion and as such "consumed". They make a "trend" as they say in a way in which the aesthetic dimension of image search have become values ​​to be spent on the market. And today the market offers an infinite amount of plants and flowers from the most different parts of the world: from here the ephemeral fashions of a flower or a tree that last the space of a morning and that do not take into account the environmental context. This is not how the gardens are built and the landscapes are restructured, and it is not so that nature returns to combine with our metropolises and our homes. And this must be particularly said and remembered in our country, which certainly boasts an extraordinary tradition of gardens and is also rich in it, but this wealth is equal to the neglect and neglect of which gardens and landscapes have been and still are objects. Arson fires of forest heritage, mossy trees in the metropolis, in the condominium gardens, gardens and parks containing events and spectacular green areas are the reality in which we find ourselves living. It is with this awareness that Ipomea del Negombo, the market exhibition of rare and unusual plants of the warm temperate zone, on the island of Ischia, now in its tenth edition, promotes the meeting of different operators and enthusiasts of the sector: lovers of rare plants , of those in extinction, artisans who recover the traditional arts, artists who work with nature, growers of plants acclimatizable in the Mediterranean, the world of Lepidoptera in constant dialogue with nature. Work in connection and participation with the Botanical Garden of Naples, a presence to be rediscovered and enhanced. And it accompanies this exhibition with lectures and debates on the quality of the garden and the landscape not only in Italy but in the world. And with it, it also wants visitors to experience the dimension of natural culture that is both ancient and very modern. It responds to the need for a slow time, for quality of life and beauty, of which our country has always been a carrier and which presents itself today as the demand for contemporaneity. The exhibition takes place in an "Edenic" place, the Negombo hydrothermal park, which year after year is becoming a garden of art, the landscape architect Ermanno Casasco introduced Arnaldo Pomodoro's "Arco in cielo", the "Strale "By Lucio Del Pezzo," The Eyes of Nesti and Neri "by Laura Panno, and the" Flight "by Giuseppe Maraniello as an integral part of a landscape art in which the work of art is not simply placed, but it is an integral part of it. The garden is the emblem of living in the sign of beauty. For this Ipomea del Negombo wants to stimulate a new sensibility and a new attitude of affection and responsibility towards nature and the territory to which the collaboration that year after year are agreed with the Botanical Gardens with in-depth Seminars and Exhibitions can make a fundamental contribution. .

May 2012: 19-20 May Coniolo

"Coniolo fiori" returns, with the twelfth edition of the event on 19 -20 May 2012 in Coniolo (AL), in the splendid hills of the Monferrato Casalese.
Decorating the whole country will be the FLOROVIVAISTIC MARKET EXHIBITION with lots of evergreen and deciduous roses, flowers, plants and shrubs that will be exhibited in all their beauty. Some retailers will exhibit everything that is useful for treating and beautifying "our green" with garden furniture and equipment.
The rose will be the protagonist. These colorful and fragrant shrubs will be exhibited in flower beds specially created by our nursery gardeners and put up for sale in the green Piazza Moncravetto, where rose farmers will participate in the competitions: "The most beautiful rose" in the Tea, Floribunda, Urban Furnishings and News category. Our public, by voting for the favorite flower bed, will participate in the VOTE & WIN A ROSE contest.
All specimens of ornamental plants will generally also participate in the COMPETITION as the best example of evergreen, deciduous, coniferous, and Mediterranean-type plants.
"99 roses to remember Marco Musso" will be sold only for "Coniolo fiori". They will be created specifically for the event, numbered and closed. The proceeds will go to charity.
Saturday afternoon we will all be invited to listen to the interesting conference called "LIVING TOGETHER WITH FLOWERS AND PLANTS TO LESS LIVING" in the council chamber of the Municipality.
A curious treasure hunt will be created on Sunday mornings for curious children. They will have to find plants and flowers that they will find on the various cards and will win seeds and seedlings.
Sunday afternoon at sixteen all the prizes for the Coniolo Fiori 2012 competitions will be held.
The opening hours of the event are open all day from 9am to 8pm. On Saturday morning the inauguration will be at 11am in the presence of authorities and journalists. Admission is free and ample free parking areas are guaranteed at the entrance to the town.
To learn more, visit the always up-to-date website