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Question: watering

Hi I bought a bonsai yesterday and I wanted to know when and how many times should I water it?

Answer: watering

Dear Alessio,
in order to show you how to grow your bonsai, it is essential to know which plant it is; the term bonsai indicates a cultivation technique, not the species of the plant, and theoretically all existing plants can be cultivated, from aromatic to apple trees, from large conifers to carmona.
It therefore becomes very difficult to give you a precise and specific indication; in order to make your bonsai survive and cultivate for a long time, it is essential that you inform yourself about the species and variety of plant in your possession, so as to know which soil it prefers, whether it is indoor or outdoor, if it is an evergreen or of a deciduous plant.
Bonsai are grown in a small vase, with little soil around the root system, which is why they are generally watered quite often in spring and summer, trying to keep the soil slightly damp; clear that there are several exceptions, so try to water quite often, but avoid leaving the soil always soaked: when it tends to dry out a little, water again.
The best method of watering bonsai is by immersion: take a basin that is much wider and deeper than the vase, and place it on the bottom. It is filled with water until it reaches the upper outer edge of the pot, and it is left immersed until the water, by capillarity, reaches the surface of the soil; take the jar out of the basin, let it drain for a few minutes, and put the jar back in its place.
This operation will have to be carried out approximately every week, avoiding to repeat it if the soil is fresh and moist, and practicing it more often if the soil dries quickly.
You have to find out about the species of your bonsai, also because you should understand if it is a plant that goes in the sun, or one that must be placed in the shade; the difference in positioning with respect to direct sunlight also greatly changes the water needs of a bonsai.
If it is a plant that in the cold months must live indoors, remember that in winter it will also need periodic vaporizations of the foliage, to increase the environmental humidity around the plant.