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Question: information

Can and with what herbicide does aptenia cordifolia? Thanks for your help

Answer: information

Dear Angelo,
Aptenia cordifolia is a succulent ground cover plant, belonging to the Aizoaceae family.
If you wish to get rid of such plants you can use a leaf herbicide, which is a herbicide that is not absorbed by the roots of the plants, but by the leaves, and transmitted by them into the plants.
Clear that, any plant that is affected by a leaf herbicide, will then turn yellow and dry up; therefore during the herbicidal treatment it is advisable to spray the plants staying with the spear very close to them, avoiding to spread the product in the surrounding air; also choose a day with little wind, otherwise you risk going to ruin even the shrubs next to the Aptenia.
Deeply leaves the leaves, without fear of excess, the herbicide remains that penetrate the soil do not damage the plants, because they are not absorbed by the roots.
If you want a softer method to weed aptenia, you can simply wait for the winter, and water it every day: the cold plus the water will cause the plants to rot.
However, if you live in an area where winters are mild, unfortunately this method may not work.
Another way is to use a hoe: the aptenia seedlings develop a shallow root system, so a hoeing of the soil, even only on the surface, removes most of the air, and also of the root apparatus, containing much seedling development.