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In September, Lucca becomes the capital of gardening between
botanical collections of little known, rare and unusual plants,
seeds, bulbs, equipment, exhibitions, competitions, meetings.
conductors of the eighth edition
Murabilia - Mura in Fiore is an exhibition of amateur gardening, now in its eighth edition, held on the medieval walls of Lucca from 5 to 7 September, between the bastion La Libertà, the rampart S. Regolo and the Botanical Garden of Lucca.
Murabilia - Mura in Fiore has undergone constant growth and, born with the vocation of the exhibition market of quality gardening, has enriched its offer over the years with exhibitions (pomological, bonsai, botanical illustration, antique prints, ...), meetings (conferences and round tables, conferences held by industry experts at a special meeting space or at individual exhibitor stands), collateral events (tasting of old fruit varieties, tree climbing, creative workshops, guided tours, ...), competitions (graphics for young people) advertising graphics, Botanical Illustration, Design of exhibition spaces, Competitions on the subject "Fruit-growing and amateur horticulture", Biggest pumpkin championship, Competitions for professional and amateur exhibitors).
Since 2006, the event has focused on a main theme: the first year was "low maintenance citrus and plants", in 2007 "bamboo and variegated plants" while this year the edition will have Laciniature, Passiflore and Sempervivum as themes.
During the three days of Lucca you can walk in the fascinating setting of the medieval walls among numerous and precious plant collections (shrubs, annuals, perennials, fruit trees, roses, succulents, climbing plants, bulbous plants, aquatic, aromatic plants, etc.), rare plants , specimens of particular value, handicrafts and charming furnishings for the garden.
It will be possible to discover unique and fascinating collections due to the multiplicity of species and varieties of particular plant groups (Passiflore and Sempervivum) and unexpected and extraordinary aspects linked to the heterogeneity of expression of plant morphologies (Laciniature).
Murabilia 2008 will also present competitions, exhibitions, guided tours, sporting events and conferences. The inauguration will be held on Friday 5 September at 11:30 am at the Baluardo S. Regolo.
The program
Bonsai exhibition
Pomological exhibit and unusual vegetables
Exhibition of botanical illustration
Tree climbing demonstration
Free guided tours at the Botanical Garden
Biggest pumpkin championship
Competitions for professional and amateur exhibitors
Competitions on "Fruit growing and amateur horticulture"
"Botanical Illustration" Competition
Conferences and debates at the meeting space and exhibitor stands
Useful information
Show times
Friday 5 September from 12:00 to 19:30
Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm
the ticket office is open until 18:30
Murabilia-Mura in Fiore Secretariat
Work of the Walls of Lucca Castle of Porta San Donato Nuova - 55100 Lucca
Tel: 0583 583086 - Fax: 0583 56738
Botanical Garden of Lucca, barracks of the Baluardo di San Regolo, via del Botanico 14, 55100 Lucca
Tel: +39 0583 442160 fax: +39 0583 442161 - [email protected]