June 2012

June 2012

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3-10 June Corsico (MI)

Corsico (mi) from 3 to 10 June 2012
via V. Emanuele 27 Corsico (MI) (bus 325-351 from MM Romolo - Lodovico il Moro)
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16-17 June Imola (BO)

The Municipality of Imola jointly with the Consortium Users Canale dei Molini and in collaboration
with the Agricultural Associations it organizes the 2nd edition of the Santerno Agricultural Fair that takes place
will be held in Imola on Saturday 16 June from 10 am to 11 pm and Sunday 17 June from 10 am to
9pm, inside the Sante Zennaro complex (in Viale Pirandello 12).
The Fair is inspired by an old appointment of the territory, the Santerno Fair, and the year
Last year its 1st edition was re-proposed in an all-agricultural key, offering a showcase for this
such an important economic sector and the opportunity for people to learn more about them
local farms. The Fair was an event much appreciated by the operators e
by visitors and for this reason the municipal administration has accepted the request to organize the
Fair on two days.
The second edition of the Santerno Agricultural Fair is also dedicated in particular to the
breeders of native Romagna breeds, to animal biodiversity, with opportunities to
deepening and dissemination, and will have an area dedicated to the exhibition of the breeds
native zootechnics that were once present in every rural court of our territory:
Romagna breed cattle, Romagna breed donkeys, Romagna mora pigs, poultry
of the Romagna breed: goose, chicken and turkey, the Romagna colombo and finally the "Lagotto"
Romagna. The Fair will host the interprovincial Exhibition of donkeys of the Romagna breed: II °
national morphological comparison event.
The history and characteristics of these animal breeds will be illustrated by the veterinarian Alessio
Zanon, consultant for biodiversity in the Emila-Romagna region for the study and recovery
of autochthonous animal populations as well as author of the Atlas of the native autochthonous races
for the Edagricole Sole24ore Publishing House (2008).
The Fiera, however, is a large space with a focus on Romagna breed breeding animals
but that opens up to agriculture in all its sectors. The number of farms, the varieties of
fruit and vegetable products, the presence of breeders, social wineries and agricultural cooperatives,
constitute a valid reason to support an action to promote this heritage.
The Fair is an opportunity for the agricultural world, a very important sector in our territory that
over time it has not lost its vocation as an agricultural land, to show off and make itself
to know and appreciate from a wide public as well as the opportunity for families and most
small to learn about animals and traditions, flavors and smells that were once immediately
outside the door of the house where the farmyard opened.
For information on the Fair: consult the website //; to contact
the Agriculture Office of the Municipality of Imola at the numbers 0542 612454 and 338 7325407; to write
to the e-mail address [email protected]

June 2012: June 23-24 Cesana Torinese

For the patronal feast of Cesana Torinese (To) - San Giovanni - back to the FESTA DEL MAGGIOCIONDOLO: Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June 2012!
Many EXHIBITORS, professionals and hobbyists: nurseries, florists, fertilizers, organic products, artificial flowers and plants, fresh and dried flowers, aromatic plants, natural beauty products, herbal preparations, seeds and bulbs, garden furniture, tools, handicrafts floral theme, and much more!