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Drosera cultivation

Drosera cultivation

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Question: where can I buy a Drosera?

Goodmorning everyone!
I would love to have a sundew, especially the rotunifolia, but I don't know where to find it on the market. Someone can help me, I'm from Turin

Drosera cultivation: Answer: carnivorous plants in the nursery

Dear Federica,
Drosera is a carnivorous plant widespread in most of the globe; in particular, most of the approximately 150 species are widespread in South America, Africa and Australia; only a few species originate from Asia and Europe. In any case there are also drosere in Italy, in particular in the areas of meadows. The most widespread species is drosera capensis, whose origin is the area around Cape Town, in south Africa. This very particular carnivore has thin, elongated leaves covered with fine hairs, on which there is a drop of sticky substance; when an insect settles on the leaves, they roll up, keeping the insect imprisoned; the sticky substance also contains digestive enzymes, which slowly consume the insect, drawing the nitrogen necessary for the life of the plant. Contrary to what is often believed, a carnivorous plant does not devour dozens and dozens of insects; as with any plant, even carnivores need very little nitrogen, which can also be obtained from sporadic insects that settle on their traps. It is not difficult to find a sundew in the nursery, a little more difficult is to find one of the species we want; there are about 150 species of sundew in the wild, you will understand that a plant producer cannot afford to sow or reproduce with another method 150 different species of a plant. In Italian nurseries it is found mainly Drosera capensis, the most widespread species in Africa, also because it is among the simplest to cultivate, even in apartments. Drosera rotundifolia is a species native to North America, widespread especially in Alaska, you will understand that it is not a plant that is so simple to keep in a nursery, for example in Rome, during the hot Italian June. If you want more information on nurseries or specialized carnivorous plants, I invite you to contact the Italian Carnivorous Plants Association, which is based in the botanical garden of Padua (even if you live far from Padua, I suggest you visit it, it is the first botanical garden that has ever been created in the world). The association also has a site (//www.aipcnet.it/aipcjoomla/index.php) and is concerned with spreading more knowledge about these particular plants, and their cultivation; in addition to this, the association has a seed bank, and is always updated on fairs, exhibitions, and events dedicated strictly to carnivores, or even to other particular plants. They will surely tell you which nursery has small drosera rotundifolia plants.